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70% of express packaging bags are made of recycled materials

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-28
In the previous article, we said that express packaging bags are poisonous, so now let's explain why express packaging bags are poisonous? The wholesale price of white express packaging bags of the same size is more than twice that of black and gray. The raw materials of black and gray packaging bags are recycled materials. Most of them are processed from domestic waste and chemical raw materials, so the cost is naturally low. More than 70% of the packaging bags used by most express companies in Hangzhou are black-gray materials sold online. The Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association revealed that the packaging bags made of recycled materials contain a large amount of harmful substances. Not only may symptoms such as skin allergies occur after touching them, even if these packaging bags are stacked around the desk, the smell will be emitted. Affect physical health. Cheap plastic packaging bags are 0.1 yuan, and paper packaging bags are 0.9 yuan. In the past two days, Ms. Li in Hebei has skin allergies caused by touching express packaging bags, which has caused many consumers to worry. What kind of material is used for express packaging bags received on the market? Is it really poisonous? According to Dongguan Plastic Bag Co., Ltd., packaging bags are classified according to their materials, including paper and plastic. There are several types of plastic materials, and the price varies according to the size and color. 'The most commonly used in the market is the 0.1 yuan gray-black packaging bag, which is made of recycled materials. The green style is a used material, half of which is recycled and the other half is made of new materials. The white style is made of brand new materials, and the price is higher. It’s 0.25 yuan. Another material, paper packaging bags are much more expensive than plastic bags, starting at 0.9 yuan, and if you want to print the LOGO, you will have to increase the price.' A reporter from China Commercial Daily found that the gray-black made of recycled materials The packaging bags are used by many express companies such as YTO, Zhongtong and Yunda. According to an industry insider who asked not to be named, more than 70% of the recycled packaging bags are used in the market. Only a few companies, such as SF Express, EMS, and Federal, do not use this packaging bag. The darker the color of the packaging bag is, the more likely it is to use toxic recycled materials. According to industry insiders, it is precisely because the wholesale price of packaging bags is so different that the express companies will use gray-black packaging bags in order to save costs. 'Many private express outlets are contractual. The packaging bags and express delivery bills need to be paid by the contractor. The merchants must choose the cheaper ones.' How do consumers distinguish the received packages and whether the outer packaging is 'toxic'. According to Dongguan, the darker the color of the packaging bag, the more likely it is to use waste. Consumers can also judge by the smell. The gray-black plastic bag can smell peculiar smell when it is close to the nose, or breathe into the plastic bag and dip it with hot water. The recycled plastic bag will emit a pungent odor, and the hotter it will be. The greater the taste. 'Ordinary bags and good bags don't have a smell. The more pungent the smell is when exposed to heat, it must be waste plastic.' Consumers must wash their hands after touching the express package, and after unpacking the package, the express package must be timely Clean up and don't stock up around the desk. Waste plastics and waste paper often contain toluene and formaldehyde. Inhalation of these gases will affect the body. Once in an unventilated environment, the packaging bags will be cross-mixed with other ingredients after they are stacked, causing bacteria to grow. 'Express delivery is an area that has gradually developed over the years, and there is no relevant packaging standard. Packaging regulations can restrict production companies, such as not using household garbage as raw materials, and the finished packaging bags must not have a pungent smell or fade. . Only when there are constraints, there will be protection.' Dongguan Plastic Bag Co., Ltd. said.
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