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99% of people don’t know the secret of milk packaging!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-19
Generally, milk packaging will have a production date (that is for consumers to see). There is also a code composed of English and numbers, this group of codes is the real milk production date. So how can we recognize the company's secret code and know the real production date of commercial milk? Generally printed on the milk packaging: production date: 08.05.10.HDC8.H, among which: production date: 08.05.10 (for consumers to see), everyone can understand; password: HDC8.H this is not everyone I know what it means. In fact, this is the actual production date of the milk. The content represented by the code here is: The first English letter represents the year: A01, B02, C03, D04, E05 and so on in the industry regulations, H08. . . (Sometimes the year will be omitted, and only the months and days will be displayed). The second English letter represents the month: A01 month, B02 month, C03 month, D04 month, E05 month according to industry regulations, and so on, E05 month. . . K11 month, L12 month. The third English letter and number represent the date: industry regulations. Add AA1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9 before 1-9 days; change 1 before 10-19 days into BB0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8 ,B9; before 20-29, change 2 to CC0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9; before 30-31, change 3 to DD0, D1. Therefore: HDC8 represents 2008 On April 28, this means that although the milk printed on the package is the production date: 08.05.10, the actual production date of the milk is April 28, 2008, which is 12 days away. Another example is the production date 07.06.01 (for consumers). The code: GEB4 means that the real production date is actually May 14, 2007. The milk product factory can produce several dates a day. For example: the production date 08.09.19 code : HIB1 (September 11, 2008) Production date 08.09.23 Code: HIB1 (September 11, 2008) The production dates on the above two packages are different, but the real production date is the same, both are September 11. day. Why do Chinese milk manufacturers want to do this? Isn't this a fraud to consumers? Because the technical conditions of Chinese milk manufacturers are not up to standard, the bacteria in milk are several times higher than the foreign 100 index, which is about 200 in winter and 400 in summer. High temperature sterilization will reduce the vitamins and other nutrients in the milk ( (Ultrafiltration technology abroad has quality assurance). Therefore, in order to reduce costs, the milk produced by Chinese dairy factories tends to be kept for a short period of time, plus the storage and transportation and shopping mall deployment time, if the production date is written true Now, it may be the expiration date just after it was put on the shelf, so you have to take it down and throw it away! Writing a false production date protects the economic interests of milk manufacturers. The production date on the above two packages is different, but the actual production date is the same, both are September 11. On September 17th, the milk on September 19th on the package will be delivered to the supermarkets first, and the milk on September 23rd on the package will be sent to the supermarket around September 21st. It was produced on September 11. In other words, we produced milk on September 19 and September 23 at the same time on September 11. More manufacturers sometimes produce 4 or 5 different dates a day. Alright, friends who know this mystery can avoid buying milk that is still on sale by buying milk from the mall and seeing the code clearly.
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