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A button company in Shenzhen cooperates with automatic button packaging machine

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-13
A button company in Shenzhen cooperated with Youxin button automatic packaging machine label: button automatic packaging machine, Youxin packaging machine manufacturer, vertical automatic packaging machine Today, our company successfully sent the button vertical automatic packaging machine to the factory of a button company in Shenzhen, and Arrange for relevant technical personnel to be present to guide the operation of the training equipment. The 420 series full-automatic vertical packaging machine is a high-quality, high-performance full-automatic packaging machine produced by our company by introducing advanced foreign technology and improving it. It can complete automatic feeding, metering, bag making, filling, sealing, and printing. A series of automatic functions such as date and finished product output. This machine is designed for the packaging of loose and shredded materials. It is suitable for packaging all kinds of loose and shredded objects, such as food biscuits, candies, crispy rice, jelly, puffed food, etc., as well as granular, powder, food, and daily necessities. Hardware industry parts, etc., integrating bag making, filling, sealing, printing, inflation (exhaust), counting, and pins. Structural features  1) The whole machine has advanced design, reasonable structure, fine workmanship, quick and convenient adjustment, operation, simple and easy maintenance, saving time and labor, and saving manpower. 2) PLC, servo system, screen and other control components adopt international famous brand products with reliable performance. Both horizontal and vertical sealing adopt pneumatic, stable and reliable action. 3) The servo film transport system has accurate positioning, high-quality synchronous belt transport, stable and reliable. 4) Color high-precision touch screen, convenient and quick parameter setting. 5) The fault self-diagnosis function, the fault display is clear at a glance. 6) The high-sensitivity optical fiber color code tracking makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate. 7) Independent PID control of temperature, better suitable for coating of various materials. 8) It can be used with various automatic metering equipment, and the connection is convenient and concise. 9) All control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrade, and never lags behind. Article source: All rights reserved Website:
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