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A complete collection of aluminum foil bag detection methods, you can use it!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-22
Aluminum foil bags have excellent barrier properties, heat sealing properties, moisture resistance, and acid resistance, alkali resistance, and wear resistance, so they are widely used in the outer packaging of clothing, apparel, cosmetics, and food. With the increasing quality requirements of aluminum foil bags, the quality inspection of aluminum foil packaging bags is becoming more and more important. Next, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will summarize how to visually inspect the appearance of aluminum foil bags, including the inspection of the flatness and transparency of the composite bags. It is mainly used to detect whether there are obvious scratches and pinholes on the surface of the composite bag, and whether there is pollution at the seal. 1. Use visual inspection of the aluminum foil bag to check the quality. Place the composite aluminum foil bag in the center of the hand, and shake it quietly at the 40W fluorescent light. After the reflected light on the surface of the composite aluminum foil bag, it can be clearly found whether there is any scratch or trace on the surface of the composite aluminum foil bag. , often referred to in the industry as“bag surface brushed”. Assuming that the wire drawing is serious, the defect address should be found according to the actual situation to minimize the impact and ensure product quality. Most of the wire drawing phenomenon that we found through investigation is caused by the uncleanness of the guide rollers of the bag making machine, so we must ensure that the guide rollers are clean. In addition, the fact that the guide roller does not tumble the same will cause drawing defects in the composite aluminum foil bag. The reason why the guide roller does not roll is mostly caused by the lack of oil in the bearing, so good lubrication is the fundamental condition for the bearing to roll. 2. The specific method for the inspection of the flatness of the composite aluminum foil bag is: take several samples of the product bag to carry out“air-to-ground”Drop it, let it land naturally and the landing place should be clean, and check the condition of the composite aluminum foil bag after landing. Assuming that the composite aluminum foil bag is bent, warped outward or inward, it means that the flatness of the composite aluminum foil bag is poor, otherwise it means that the flatness is excellent. The reasons for the poor flatness are generally as follows: the bag making temperature is too high, the stress stiffness of the inner layer of the composite aluminum foil bag has been damaged; the structural composition is unreasonable; the thickness of the material itself is unequal. The total thickness of the composite material does not exceed 80μWhen m, the phenomenon of poor flatness is easy to occur. 3. The visual inspection of the appearance also includes the inspection of transparency. Some products have no pictures in a large area, and the transparency is particularly important. The detection method of transparency is: take a product bag and query it through the direct light source in the room, assuming that there is a blank in the blank.“pitted”,“ring”,“foggy”and other phenomena, it means that the transparency is poor, otherwise it means that the transparency is excellent. There are many reasons for the poor transparency. For example, when compounding, because the compound glue itself has a yellowish or reddish color, it will cause a corresponding color shift when it is transferred to the compound bag, which will affect its transparency; it is assumed that the transparency of the material itself is poor. ,Have“foggy”, will also affect its transparency, so the quality should be strictly controlled when materials are put into the warehouse, so that unqualified materials will not be put into the warehouse. In addition, the transparency of different composite raw materials is also different. For example, the transparency of cast CPP is much higher than that of blown co-extruded CPP.
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