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Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum foil bag materials

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-22
Although aluminum foil is very thin, as a packaging material, it has the following advantages: (1) It is light in weight, which is conducive to reducing transportation costs. (2) Good isolation and shading properties. It is moisture-proof, airtight and has fragrance-preserving properties, and can prevent moisture absorption, oxidation and volatilization of packaging. (3) Good heat resistance, stable shape at high temperature and low temperature, and can be used as a container for baking. (4) Strong protection: make the package less susceptible to damage by bacteria, mold and insects. (5) Good reflection and gloss of light. It has high reflectivity to heat and light, and its reflectivity reaches 83% to 85%, so it has excellent exhibition and sales effect. (6) Good mechanical properties, can meet the use of automatic packaging machinery. (7) The secondary processing has good moldability and embossing. (8) Good adaptability to printing and compounding. Easy to color, easy to fit with paper, plastic, etc. (9) Non-toxic, not easy to cause pollution. Although aluminum foil has the above advantages, aluminum foil is rarely used alone due to its low strength, poor tear resistance, easy cracking when folded, not resistant to acid and alkali media, and cannot be thermally bonded and sealed. The vast majority of aluminum foil is compounded with plastic film, paper and other materials, and used in the form of composite materials, which is what we often call aluminum foil bags. This not only maintains the excellent properties of aluminum foil, but also makes up for the deficiencies of aluminum foil in some packaging properties. The thickness of the aluminum foil used in the composite state can be reduced to 0.007~0.009mm. Compared with the composite material without aluminum foil, the composite material with aluminum foil has higher barrier properties, especially light-shielding properties, which can meet the requirements of vacuum, aseptic, nitrogen-filled and other packaging technologies. , is a new type of packaging material with strong adaptability and wide application, which can be used not only as flexible packaging material, but also as semi-rigid and rigid packaging material.
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