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Advantages of composite film aluminum foil composite film

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-29
Among the metal foils used for packaging, aluminum foil is the most widely used. Aluminum foil is made of electrolytic aluminum or aluminum alloy sheet with a purity of 99.3%. Aluminum foil film has many advantages as a packaging material. It is light in weight and helps reduce transportation costs. Aluminum foil composite film is a flexible packaging material, which is composed of aluminum foil and plastic film or thin paper composite M. Commonly used plastic films are polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (polyester), polyvinylidene, nylon and so on. The thickness of the aluminum foil is usually 0.007 to 〇.〇〇9_ or 0.012 to 0.015mm, which has sufficient insulation after compounding. According to statistics, 70% of composite aluminum foil is used for food packaging, 17% is used for cigarette packaging, and 13% is used for packaging of medicines, detergents and cosmetics. A representative application of aluminum foil composite film is to make a soft container-a retort bag (called a soft can). The PET film on the outermost layer (or nylon film) provides excellent resistance to carving; the middle one The layer brocade is the most economical material for moisture-proof, oxygen-proof and light-proof microorganisms, and it is also the key to maintain a stable shelf life of the cooking bag; the inner layer has excellent heat-sealability during the polymerization period. Therefore, the retort pouch has light weight and low energy consumption, does not require refrigeration and transportation, and the aluminum foil composite film can also be used as a trademark material, and the decoration effect is good. Metal and glass cans, frozen foods.
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