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Advantages of environmentally friendly plastic bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-12
Because ordinary plastic bags cause great pollution to our environment, since 2010, relevant state departments have strictly regulated plastic bag shopping malls and vigorously promoted environmentally friendly plastic bags. This action not only benefits all mankind, but also At the same time, it also facilitates the life of the citizens. Not only that, but environmentally friendly plastic bags also have the following five major advantages: First, the white plastic bags that can be completely dissolved in the water and floating in the sky were once known as white pollution, but now many manufacturers have begun to promote the production and development of environmentally friendly plastic bags. This kind of plastic bag can quickly dissolve in water, is non-toxic and has no special smell, so it is very safe. Even if it is thrown on the road in the field, it will not pollute the land. Second, good stretchability, high flexibility and spreadability. Compared with ordinary plastic bags, environmentally friendly plastic bags have very good stretchability, so they are more solid in use. Generally, a general plastic bag has a lifespan of several hours. In addition to recycling, environmentally friendly plastic bags have a long service life, reducing the number of times people purchase plastic bags, and then maintaining the environment and saving capital. Third, the gloss is good, transparent and airtight, which can ensure the freshness of food in a short time. The air permeability of environmentally friendly plastic bags is very poor, almost airtight, so it can avoid the reproduction of bacteria in the air, and then maintain the freshness of food High degree of transparency and high gloss, it provides convenience for food storage. Fourth, the scope of application of environmentally friendly plastic bags is wider. Although general plastic bags can also be used in many aspects, compared with environmentally friendly plastic bags, the scope of application of general plastic bags is still small. According to the person in charge of the plastic bag manufacturer, environmentally friendly plastic bags can not only be used to store general items, but also can be used to store food, and are safe and non-toxic, which is not possible with ordinary plastic bags. Fifth, anti-static, excellent function, and non-vacuum environmental protection plastic bags have exceeded people's illusions. In addition, the environmental protection function is good in the process of use, and it is anti-static without vacuuming, so people who use it Extraordinarily much. In order to adapt to the country's environmental protection and pollution reduction slogans, many companies actively customize environmentally friendly plastic bags, and then save a lot of capital.
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