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Allergen information on food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-20
In daily life, there are often citizens who are allergic to some foods due to their personal physique. For people with allergic constitutions, the allergen information on food packaging bags is very important. At present, a considerable part of food packaging bags are not marked with allergen information, most of which only indicate the nutritional content and content, without the word 'allergen8 categories of food raw materials should be marked with allergen information    food allergies can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, and even severe shocks can be life-threatening. For many people with allergies, pay special attention to whether they contain allergens when buying food. Ms. Zhao’s daughter is allergic to milk, so when Ms. Zhao chooses food for her daughter, she always pays attention to whether it contains dairy products. But a few days ago, she bought a bottle of drink for her daughter to drink. Not long after, her daughter developed an allergic reaction. After going to the hospital for an examination, the doctor said that the drink may contain milk ingredients and cause allergies. Ms. Zhao said: “Merchants are very irresponsible for doing this. If the ingredients contain allergens, why not mark them on the packaging? So I won’t buy them by mistake. I think let consumers know the allergen information in the food. It also belongs to respect for consumers’ right to know.”    In the “General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods” promulgated by the Ministry of Health, it is stipulated that if the food contains gluten grains and their products, crustaceans and their products, fish and their products Products, eggs and their products, peanuts and their products, soybeans and their products, milk and dairy products (including lactose), nuts and their nut products, etc. 8 kinds of ingredients that may cause allergic reactions, should be used in the ingredient list Easily recognizable name, or prompt it in the vicinity of the ingredient list. In this way, consumers can avoid buying foods that are easy to cause their allergies. Most food packaging bags are not marked with allergen information. So, does the food manufacturer mark allergen information on the packaging? For food allergen information, most food packaging does not mention a word. Even if the allergen information is marked, the form of expression is not the same, and there are great differences between different brands.   For example, a certain brand of bread is not only marked with the food allergen information and other allergens processed on the production line, but even the food preservative placed in the packaging bag contains alcohol, which may cause allergies. The ingredient list of another brand of bread indicated eggs, milk powder, wheat flour, etc., but there was no allergen information. Another waffle package is marked 'This product contains eggs, wheat flour, milk powder and soy lecithin.' But it does not indicate that these ingredients may cause allergies.   Generally speaking, there are still the majority of people without allergen information. For example, in nuts and peanuts, most food packaging does not have any allergy information prompts. Among canned foods, only a few canned fish have allergen hints on the packaging. At the same time, citizens pay less attention to food allergens. When buying food, they pay more attention to the production date, shelf life and nutritional content. They basically do not check the ingredient list. As for the allergen reminder, they have almost never heard of it. However, there are still many consumers who do not know which foods they are allergic to. A citizen said that he did not know about the allergy reminder on food packaging bags before, but he thought it was a good thing to have such a reminder. Health care.'
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