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Aluminum foil bags have high requirements for surface quality

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-23
With the improvement of material living standards, people are paying more and more attention to food safety. Today, we will analyze the aluminum foil food packaging bags to see what are the surface quality requirements of aluminum foil food packaging bags? 1. The surface should be clean and flat, no corrosion scars and bumps, no serious wrinkles and folds, its soft texture, not easy to break when folded, good flexibility, the purchased aluminum foil food packaging bags should be Store in a dry place, do not leave it for too long, and use it as soon as possible. 2. The surface cleanliness of the aluminum foil should be high, no obvious yellow oil spots formed by the burning of the lubricating oil are allowed, no oil smell, and the brush water test should reach A or B level. The surface tension should be high and should reach above 72Mn/m. A simple method is to test with distilled water. Distilled water should be fully infiltrated on the surface of the aluminum foil. If the surface of the aluminum foil is seriously oily, it will affect the composite firmness of the aluminum foil and other materials, especially the packaging bag will peel off after high temperature cooking. 3. Oil stains and pinholes are the main detection indicators of the product. The aluminum foil material has high requirements on the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the aluminum foil. The number of pinholes in the aluminum foil should be small. No matter how thick the aluminum foil is, the pinhole diameter should not be greater than 20um.
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