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Analysis of bag breakage at the heat seal of nut product packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-08
Nut food packaging bags are a large category of food packaging bags, and they are widely used in the industry. Commonly used nut food packaging bags have upright bag type and three-sided seal, which can be inflated or vacuumed. In view of the rupture of the nut food packaging bag when the seal is being sealed, the reasons are as follows: 1. The reason for the packaging material The peeling strength of the composite film used in the packaging bag is poor, that is, the composite film between the single layers of the composite film. The fastness is poor, and the delamination of the composite film is prone to occur. When the heat seal strength at the heat seal is high, the composite film is prone to delamination at the heat seal under the impact of the package contents or squeezed by external force, resulting in packaging Air leakage or rupture occurred near the heat seal. It can be verified by burst pressure (positive pressure method) and peel strength test. 2. Hidden dangers in the production process. If the parameters of the heat sealing equipment are not set properly, it is easy to cause poor heat sealing quality of the heat seal, poor heat sealing (ie, the heat seal is not tight and easy to separate) or excessive heat sealing (ie heat sealing) If the strength is too high, the root of the heat seal will break), which will easily cause the heat seal to leak or rupture. It can be verified by sealing performance (negative pressure method) and heat sealing strength. Due to the particularity of nut food packaging bags, in the production of nut food packaging bags, no matter the process, the material, the thickness of the material, or the method of heat sealing, it will be specially treated. In the finished product inspection of packaging bags, we usually have a strict inspection link for the strength and tightness of the materials to ensure that the nut food packaging bags have good product quality.
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