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Analysis of Ink Printing of Plastic Packaging Bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-04
Ink is water-based ink, also known as water-based ink. The fundamental difference between typical inks and traditional solvent-based inks is the use of water (or water with very little co-solvent)——Alcohol substances) replace organic solvents in solvent-based inks to make water-based binders. The inks composed of the binders and colorants (pigments or dyes) and specific auxiliaries can be called inks. Today, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer will come to analyze what is the ink printing of plastic packaging bags for you. 1. Advantages of water-based inks​Compared with traditional printing inks, the connection of water-based inks should only contain water and no transpirable organic compounds. Therefore, compared with traditional solvent-based inks, water-based inks show a series of benefits. It can be summarized into the following aspects: 1. Good environmental protection. During the printing process, ink only emits water vapor and does not emit any transpiration organic compounds. The printing place and surrounding environment are not polluted by toxic and harmful organic solvents, and the environmental protection performance is excellent; 2 , Good hygiene and safety, there is only water and no toxic and harmful organic solvents in the ink-wash connection. There will be no residual organic solvents in the printed products, so the ink-washed prints are more hygienic than traditional solvent-based inks. Safety; 3. Production safety There is only water and no flammable and explosive organic solvents in the ink-wash connection. The warehouse and production workshop where ink is stored will not cause incineration, explosions, etc. 4. Resource-saving ink printing is different from solvent-based ink. In the monotonous process of printing, only water vapor with abundant sources and low prices is emitted into the atmosphere, rather than precious resources that are scarce in the industry.——Therefore, from the perspective of saving resources and contributing to the sustainable development of human beings, it is also very beneficial to use ink printing instead of solvent-based ink printing. 2. Two major difficulties in ink printing 1. Facing the problem of high surface tension of water, it is not easy to spread on the surface of the substrate. The spread of ink on the surface of the substrate is the basis for completing the printing process and ensuring the printing quality. As we all know, the surface tension of water is very large (up to 70mN/m or more), and the wettability of substrates such as plastic films with low surface tension (surface tension is only about 40mN/m or lower) is very poor, and must be greatly reduced. The surface tension of the ink system to facilitate the spread of the ink on the surface of the substrate. To this end, it is necessary to select specific additives to modify the ink system, so that the surface tension of the ink system is greatly reduced to a level lower than the surface tension of the substrate, so as to facilitate the spreading of the ink on the surface of the printing substrate. Create conditions for obtaining exquisite printing results. The advent of many high-quality surfactants has provided excellent conditions for ink manufacturers to reduce the research work of the ink system; the vast number of scientific and technological operators in the research and development of ink, in order to find a way to reduce the surface tension of ink, has been working hard for a long time. Abundant results have been achieved, the surface tension of the ink system has been well resolved, and an excellent foundation has been laid for the delicate printing of ink. 2. Facing the problem of large latent heat of water and not easy to volatilize and dry In the case of high latent heat of water evaporation, it is faced with the problem of how to travel the printing speed of ink. In industrialized production, the production speed directly binds the production cost, so the unevenness of the production speed is often one of the optional factors for choosing whether a process has market competitiveness. The comparison of the boiling point and transpiration heat of water and some organic solvents is based on the data listed in the table. It is not difficult to see that the latent heat of transpiration of water is significantly higher than that of organic solvents, which is 3~3 of the latent heat of transpiration of organic solvents such as alcohols and esters. 8 times. Due to the high latent heat of water evaporation, the monotony of ink is naturally much more difficult than the monotony of solvent-based inks. To complete high-speed printing, it faces huge challenges. Practice shows that only relying on ink manufacturers to improve the formula of ink to improve the monotonous speed of ink is properly limited. The problem of printing speed of advancing ink requires the full cooperation of many units such as printing equipment, plate roller units and printing companies. . At present, although the work on the speed of ink printing has made great progress, a lot of work needs to be done to achieve the desired effect. 3. The current situation of the development and application of ink painting Since the 1960s and 1970s, some insightful people who paid attention to environmental protection and saving material resources began to devote themselves to the research on the development of ink painting. Significant progress: the content of VOCs in the inks of many ink research and development and production enterprises has dropped to less than 5%. There are high-level ink production units, and the actual content of VOCs in the inks produced can even be lower than 1%, close to 1%. The content of benzene and heavy metals in the ink is close to zero, reaching an undetectable level. At the same time, ink products have gradually been successfully used in the production practice of plastic flexible packaging. Now, in industrialized countries abroad, ink-washed packaging products are said to have reached more than 80% of the printed packaging products; by comparison, the domestic ink-washing application is still limited, especially the ink-washing printing such as plastic films, which is still in its infancy. , It is a long way to go to promote the work of ink printing.
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