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Analysis of key points for the detection of dumpling bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-03
The performance of the zongzi packaging bag is an important factor affecting whether the zongzi can be well preserved during the storage process. The soft plastic composite film packaging of the zongzi is generally divided into two types: inner packaging and outer packaging. This paper analyzes the performance of these two types of packaging. The main points of detection are introduced, and the test methods of each performance are introduced to provide reference for enterprises to monitor the quality of soft-plastic composite film materials for packaging rice dumplings. 1. Significance Zongzi is a traditional festival food in my country. With the extension of storage time, its packaging form has gradually evolved from the traditional single Zongzi packaging to the double packaging form of Zongzi and soft plastic composite film. The common soft plastic composite film materials for packaging dumplings are mostly plastic composite films. These plastic composite films can be divided into inner packaging and outer packaging according to whether they are in direct contact with the dumplings. The role of each packaging is different. The inner packaging focuses on In order to protect the ingredients of zongzi and prevent the zongzi from deteriorating, the outer packaging focuses on protecting the integrity of the packaging and preventing bag breakage. Therefore, the focus on the performance of the inner and outer packaging should be different. This paper analyzes the main points of the inspection of the inner and outer packaging of rice dumplings. 2. There are many varieties of zongzi with barrier properties, such as meat zongzi, bean paste zongzi, jujube zongzi, ham zongzi, eight-treasure zongzi, egg yolk zongzi, etc. The composition of zongzi determines its characteristics of being easily oxidized and deteriorated, so it is relatively high. The best oxygen barrier performance is the basic requirement for rice dumplings packaging. From the completion of the packaging to the eating process, the inner packaging should always ensure that the dumplings are in a closed environment, so the better oxygen barrier properties of the composite film material used in the inner packaging will have a better quality preservation effect on the dumplings. 3. Physical and mechanical properties The good physical and mechanical properties of the soft plastic packaging material can make it work well with the packaging equipment, complete the packaging process smoothly, and ensure that the zongzi packaging bag will not break, leak, or delaminate during storage and sales. Appearance is good. 3.1 The inner packaging of flexible zongzi is generally in the form of vacuum packaging. Good flexibility can make the packaging material well adhered to the surface of the zongzi, which is easy to remove the air in the packaging bag; the good flexibility of the outer packaging bag can make The bag will not break when dropped or impacted by foreign objects. 3.2 Anti-puncture performance The bumps formed on the inner packaging surface of rice dumplings are generally hard, and will generate a large puncture force on the packaging materials in contact. Therefore, both the inner and outer packaging should have strong puncture resistance to ensure the packaging. The bag will not be broken by the puncture effect of sharp corners. 3.3 Heat sealing strength Heat sealing strength is a performance index that characterizes the sealing fastness of the heat sealing of the packaging bag. , there will be slow air leakage, problems such as bag swelling, mildew, deterioration, or bag breakage at the seal when it is dropped or impacted by foreign objects. Whether the heat sealing strength of the zongzi packaging bag is good is related to the heat sealing layer of the inner packaging and outer packaging materials, heat sealing temperature, pressure, time and other factors. 3.4 High temperature resistance Dumplings are generally sterilized by high temperature sterilization, which requires that the composition materials and adhesives of the soft plastic composite film used in the inner packaging should have good high temperature resistance to prevent the packaging bag from being heated at high temperature. Broken bags, air leakage, delamination, shrinkage and other phenomena appear. The high temperature resistance of packaging materials can be obtained by simulating the sterilization conditions of rice dumplings, and then observing the surface state of the packaging bag and testing its sealing performance. The testing equipment used in the test includes high pressure cooking pot, sealing tester, etc. 3.5 Low temperature resistance Some rice dumplings need to be stored at low temperature. In order to prevent the performance of the inner packaging bag and outer packaging bag from deteriorating under low temperature conditions, which are prone to bag breakage and air leakage, it is required that the soft plastic composite film material used should have good quality. low temperature resistance. 4. Hygienic performance indicators The hygienic performance indicators of the soft plastic composite film material for packaging rice dumplings are mainly solvent residues in the inner packaging material that can migrate into the rice dumplings, total migration, heavy metals, potassium permanganate consumption, toluenediamine, During the contact between the inner packaging and the zongzi, these harmful substances will gradually migrate into the zongzi and affect the health of consumers. Therefore, the content of migratory harmful substances in the inner packaging should be controlled as much as possible. 5. Conclusion Selecting packaging materials with good compatibility with zongzi and monitoring the performance of the materials in time is an effective measure to prevent the zongzi from being broken and deteriorated due to packaging problems. The key monitoring indicators of the inner packaging materials used for packaging rice dumplings include oxygen transmission rate, tensile properties, impact resistance, puncture resistance, heat sealing strength, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, solvent residues, total migration, heavy metals, high Potassium manganate consumption, toluenediamine, etc. The key properties of outer packaging materials include tensile properties, impact resistance, puncture resistance, heat sealing strength, cold resistance, etc.
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