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Analysis of packaging in the red envelope industry

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-11
Since ancient times, red envelopes are no strangers to us, and we will come into contact with it every year. Especially during the Spring Festival, we will all receive red envelopes, because the Spring Festival is our traditional holiday and the new beginning of the new year. When our team seemed to know the red envelope very well, we ignored his very important point. How did he package it? How is it packed in the bag and how many are in a bag? In view of this situation, we in Dongguan analyzed the details of the packaging. The traditional red envelope packaging is to count the number of red envelopes into a stack, and then manually stuff the stack of red envelopes into the bag, and then stick it with tape. What problems will this create? The red envelope may burst when it is stuffed into the bag, or the red envelope may be deformed when it is stuffed, which will affect the buyer's mood to purchase the product. Moreover, the traditional counting method is to count by manual points, so there will be many problems, there will be more or less, etc. In view of this situation, we have developed a new type of card issuing machine, which can replace traditional manual counting, and is accurate. When the number is wrong, it will automatically stop and issue an alarm. This greatly reduces the problem of manual points and can be compared with Used with packaging machines on the market. Through this card issuing machine, it can be easily matched with the packaging machine to package red envelopes. The packaged products are beautiful and there will be no more or less cases. The packaged products are shown in the following figure. The packaging machine can achieve fully automated packaging, completely changing the traditional viscose cloth mode, greatly reducing labor costs, and greatly improving packaging production efficiency. If you need to know more about packaging, you can contact us or browse our company website:
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