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Analysis of printing steps of plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-06
Plastic packaging bags are a lot of things we use every day. Its printing and production methods are mainly divided into the following steps: The first step, plate making and plate making refers to the production of original plates (for printing) according to customer requirements. There are electric engraving copper plate offset silk screen plate. The most commonly used is copper plate. The second step, film blowing Film blowing refers to a plastic processing process in which plastic particles are heated and melted and then blown into a film. It is the first step in the production of plastic bags. It is a film blown out of new plastic pellets, bright in color, clean and hygienic, the finished product stretches well, and bears a large weight. Therefore, the plastic bags made of this film are of good quality and can be used for food packaging without worrying about their safety. question. The plastic granules made of recycled waste plastics need to add color masterbatch to the plastic granules when blowing the film. The resulting film is prone to uneven coloring, brittleness and easy breakage, and the quality of the produced plastic bags is poor. Prices are lower. This film contains various impurities, so the plastic bags made of this film are unsanitary and cannot be used as food packaging bags, usually as industrial packaging bags or as garbage bags. Here, consumers should be reminded that if they buy packaged food, they must carefully check the color and touch of the packaging bag, which can help to identify whether the food is hygienic. The third step, color printing There are various color printing methods, the most commonly used are copperplate printing, gravure printing, screen printing. The steps of the screen printing method are to first cut the roll film into single pieces, and then manually print them individually. This kind of manual printing is slow, but the text pattern of the plastic bag produced in this way has thick ink and strong three-dimensional effect. Copperplate printing Gravure printing is to print the whole roll of plastic film that has been blown. It is to place the prepared original plate on the machine for printing. This kind of mechanical printing speed is very fast and is very suitable for the production of large quantities of plastic bags. Bag manufacturers basically use mechanical printing, and rarely use manual printing. The fourth step, bag making, the copper plate printed and gravure printed film is ironed and cut into plastic bags by a bag making machine; if it is a single plastic block printed by screen, it must be ironed manually, and the tools are electric iron, heat sealing machine Wait. . However, this method is too slow and labor-intensive, and has been eliminated a long time ago. At present, plastic bags are generally ironed and cut by bag making machines.
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