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Analysis of the Reasons for Infrequently Expanding Bags in Vacuum Bag Packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-05
When packaging products in vacuum packaging bags, there will be consequences of lax packaging. What is going on? This is related to the packaging process during packaging. When the vacuum packaging bag is evacuated, the packaging bag is not sealed, the sealing is not tight, the heat is not enough, and the vacuum bag is not compressed, causing it to inhale air a little bit. If the packaging bag is not qualified, there will be very small holes that are invisible to the naked eye, so that air enters the bag. It will lead to the effect of lax packaging. If there are bacteria on the food, the bag will expand. If the food is not sterilized strictly, after the vacuum bag is sealed, bacteria will grow and multiply and generate gas, which will make the bag bulge. The reasons for the lax packaging of vacuum packaging bags are the above-mentioned situations. Therefore, lax packaging is a quality problem. As long as you pay attention to the above conditions in the packaging, there will be no problems. The leisure food that people especially like, such as chicken feet, duck feet, duck neck, dried bean curd, small fish, fish nuggets, pickles and other cooked food, has always been sold in bulk. The method has brought huge hidden dangers to food safety. First, the brand quality is uneven, and counterfeit and shoddy products flood the market; second, there are a lot of pollution links and possibilities in the production, transportation and sales of unpackaged products; third It is this kind of products that are produced in factories with poor production conditions. Because the final high-temperature sterilization treatment is not carried out, the products have a large number of harmful bacteria when they leave the factory, and food safety cannot be guaranteed.
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