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Analysis of the reasons for the damage of retort packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-29
High temperature retort bags are plastic flexible packaging used to package retort food. In the division, according to different temperatures, in≤It is called a water-resistant bag at 100°C, and a retort-resistant bag at 121-125°C.≥135 ℃ is called high temperature cooking bag. During the cooking process, many people will encounter the situation that the packaging bag is broken. What are the reasons for these? 1. The oil film or glue used in the high-temperature cooking bag does not meet the boiling requirements. No matter what type of ink or glue used in the high-temperature cooking bag, it is usually made of polyurethane resin. Helps in the adhesion and high temperature performance of the retort pouch. Therefore, the rupture of the cooking bag at this step may be because the ink or glue used is attacked by moisture during the heating process in water, and a chemical reaction such as hydrolysis occurs, thereby reducing the viscosity of the cooking bag. If this problem occurs, it can be If you ask the ink or glue provider, you can ask him to change the chemical structure corresponding to the polyurethane resin. Of course, a larger food packaging factory can use a curing agent to make up for and improve the bonding strength of the high-temperature cooking bag during cooking. 2. There is a problem in the use of ink or glue in the food packaging bag factory. During the high-temperature cooking process, the amount of curing agent used does not meet the requirements and the curing time is not enough. The cooking time for the cooking bag is generally 48 hours. Make corresponding adjustments according to the actual situation. In the process of preparing the curing agent, the proportion will also have an impact. Too much or too little will cause the ink to delaminate and break the skin. Therefore, professional personnel are required to match these to improve the adhesion of the boiled bag. . 3. Problems with high temperature retort pouch film The retort pouch film may have a degree of treatment that does not meet the requirements, or is not treated at all. The staff often did not find this problem, so that the adhesion fastness after printing, compounding, and curing was not high, and the problem was only discovered after delamination (broken skin) after cooking. The damage caused in the production process of packaging bags is huge, therefore, we need to improve the skills and proficiency of our employees. Fourth, the coordination between ink, glue and film is not enough From the adhesion theory, we can know that in order to have the highest adhesion strength, the interfacial tension must be the smallest. Therefore, the condition of the surface after the ink and glue is cured into a film and the surface of the film will be different due to different packaging and color printing factories. Because the groups on the various surfaces cannot be well attracted to form intermolecular forces or chemical reactions occur. Chemical bonds, even if they have a certain effect at low temperature to form adhesion, but at high temperature, the weak connection of surface groups may be damaged and delamination occurs. After the high-temperature cooking bag is delaminated by cooking, the packaging factory should immediately and carefully identify which production process caused the delamination, find out which materials are related to, and check whether the production process is operated according to the requirements, and can be replaced at the same time. Materials for comparative testing to find out the real cause of delamination.
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