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Anti-static aluminum foil bags for packaging manufacturers

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-12
In the daily industrial packaging process, the anti-static aluminum foil packaging bag brings infinite convenience to our products and outer packaging, and has become an indispensable part of our products. It is widely used in various electronic products, PCBA boards, IC integrated circuits , chip, LED, SMT patch, precision hardware and precision machinery accessories industrial product packaging. The commonly used anti-static aluminum foil packaging structures are: four-layer ((PET/AL/PA/CPE) and three-layer (PET/A/CPE) ) points. PET: is polyethylene terephthalate or polyester (linear) resin, it is resistant to high temperature, the thickness is usually 0.8~0.12u. Good electrical insulation, good toughness, non-toxic, weather resistance , Good surface tension, can be combined with CPP: CPE, etc. to make various bags. AL: It is an aluminum metal material, which has good ductility, toughness and light weight, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and strong barrier properties. It is known for its opacity, high reflectivity and oxidation resistance. It is made of aluminum foil as a composite bag, which has excellent properties such as full sealing, high fragrance retention, high oil resistance and high temperature resistance. PA: polyamide or nylon, nylon, it has heat resistance high permeability, low oxygen permeability, abrasion resistance, easy processing, stable physical and mechanical properties. CPE: plastic, polyester chips, polyester resin. It has high tensile strength, high light transmittance, heat-resistant aging, printing effect Good. Its production process: there are front and rear sections. Generally, packaging bag manufacturers are mainly based on the latter process. The front process is made into: aluminum ingot smelting casting and rolling-cold rolling-intermediate annealing-cold rolling-aluminum foil Rough rolling of wool material - medium rolling - double combination - slitting. The latter process is made into: compounding - coating - printing - slitting - bag making. The package is called compound aluminum foil bag. The finished product has an opaque appearance, silver white, and can be printed. , with reflective gloss, can be stored in high temperature and high humidity environment.
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