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Application characteristics and fields of aluminum foil bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-21
With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of tourism, the demand for foods such as soft drinks, beverages, beer or cans is increasing day by day. These all require modern packaging and decoration to facilitate competition in the international market. Recently, in order to meet the requirements of the broad market, people have developed good shielding plastic film or aluminized plastic packaging materials, but their comprehensive functions are not as good as over-coating and laminating functions to be compensated and improved. It can be said that the aluminum foil bag is a relatively complete packaging bag with a variety of excellent functions. Because aluminum foil has excellent characteristics, it is very suitable for packaging materials such as food, cigarettes, beverages or medicines; thermal insulation materials for buildings, vehicles, houses, etc., can also be used as decorative gold and silver threads and various printed materials Decoration trademarks and so on. Among the above uses, people most favor aluminum foil as a packaging material. The soft metal film can not only prevent moisture, maintain fragrance, air tightness, and avoid light, but also has the advantages of non-toxic and tasteless. Moreover, after the aluminum foil and the plastic film are combined, the shielding properties of the aluminum foil are integrated with the strength of the paper and the heat-sealability of the plastic, which further improves the shielding function of water vapor, air, ultraviolet rays, bacteria, etc., which are necessary as packaging materials. , Which greatly broadens the application market of aluminum foil. Because the aluminum foil blocks the light, water, and gas of the outer chain, the items can be well protected. For retort foods, using aluminum foil bags as packaging materials can make the food degenerate at least for about a year.
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