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Basic requirements for the design and production of plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-31
With the widespread use of plastic bags, designers believe that the design and production of plastic packaging bags should at least have some needs. What are the basic requirements for the design and production of plastic packaging bags? Here is a brief introduction to you: 1. Wear resistance, repeated Easy to use. Exquisite design attracts the attention of customers. 2. Airtightness, different packaging of goods has different requirements for the degree of airtightness. However, under normal conditions, products that need to be sealed are often damp and moldy. Therefore, most industries generally have high requirements for the sealing performance of packaging bags. 3. Practicality, the design and production of packaging bags, the plastic bag manufacturer Hengxiang reminds customers to use full consideration, such as the environment, the use of commercial properties, transportation, storage environment, we should also consider whether it is food packaging, should Consider whether it is harmless to human health. 4. Preservation. According to different commodity conditions of users, choose appropriate materials and reasonable proportions, and design and manufacture plastic bags suitable for different industries. For example, some plastic products are afraid of direct sunlight for a long time, which has an adverse effect on the preservation of the product. The industry can improve and grow in this regard.
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