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Benefits of using shrink packaging machine to pack disposable tableware

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-07
In daily life, when we go to a hotel or restaurant to eat, when you sit down, the waiter will immediately bring you a set of disposable tableware and put it in front of you. The tableware is complete but it takes up space. The area is not large, why is this? When using this set of tableware, just scratch the bag with your fingers to take the tableware out and use it. From the outside, this packaging bag makes us feel very hard because it can hold bowls and cups. , Plates, spoons, chopsticks, etc. are packed in a packaging film and fixed in one place, but this is not the case. It is very soft. Such a lightweight packaging makes us undoubtedly feel the mystery of its packaging process. In fact, the packaging process is not as complicated as we imagined. Its packaging process is just one more step than the ordinary packaging process, which is the shrink packaging step. The working principle is that when the disposable tableware is processed in the ordinary packaging, It will automatically transfer the packaged product into the shrink packaging area, and the packaging film will automatically shrink and stick to the sides of the tableware, but it is not very sticky. Generally, transparent packaging film is used when packaging. , The use of transparent packaging film has many benefits. It can make people feel the whiteness of the tableware, and the packaging film will not fade. If the color packaging film is used, it will make people feel uneasy. First of all, you can’t see The whiteness of the products inside, and the color film will make people worry about fading, fading, etc., which will affect the mood and mood of the meal. Therefore, for packaging catering products, we generally recommend using transparent film for packaging, which can reduce customers’ worries and make them more comfortable to use.
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