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Besides gift bags, what other categories of customized tote bags are there?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-20
Besides gift bags, what other types of customized plastic bags are there? Besides gift bags, what other types of customized plastic bags are there? The classification of gift bags belongs to the classification of functions and functions on the classification basis. In addition to gift bags, the categories of customized plastic bags also include clothing bags, promotional bags, advertising bags, storage bags, shopping bags, etc. under the same classification basis. According to different classification standards, the customized plastic bags can be classified by use, material, color and style. To view the detailed classification, you can visit the plastic bag classification book. According to material classification, it can be divided into: PE bag, PO bag, CPE bag, PPE bag, PP bag, etc.; According to color classification, it can be divided into: black plastic bag, blue plastic bag, red plastic bag, white plastic bag, etc.; According to the style Classification can be divided into: tote bags, self-adhesive bags, flat pockets, zipper bags, etc. Customized Plastic Bag Category 1 Gift Bag Gift bags are usually made of paper and plastic materials and are customized according to cost and needs. Gift bags can be printed with pictures and slogans related to brands and gifts, giving people a textured impression of gifts. Gift bags: 2 Garment bags Garment bags are usually used for inventory packaging or logistics packaging of clothing. In the past few years, most of them have been self-adhesive bags. Due to the rapid development of clothing e-commerce, plastic zipper bags are gradually being used. The advantages It is reusable and convenient to use. Garment bags: 3 shopping bags Shopping bags are usually made of PO material, and the styles are mostly vest bags. The advantages are large capacity, firmness and low cost. Therefore, whether it is catering packaging, supermarket shopping or other purposes, PO vests will be widely used. bag. Shopping bags: 4 advertising bags Advertising bags, as the name suggests, use plastic handbags as a carrier for advertising. Generally, slogans or recent activities are printed on plastic bags, which is a type of customized handbags. Advertising bag: 5 advertising bags The advertising bag is similar to the advertising bag, and the functions are similar. It is one of the categories of customized tote bags for enterprises. The company's logo and slogan will be printed on it. This kind of bag can be used for activities or gifts to customers. , When used in materials, it can increase the customer's impression of the company. It is a category of handbags that are often customized. Promotional bags: 6 storage bags and customized tote bags. There is also a storage bag. Of course, there are more than one styles of storage bags. There is also a plastic bundle pocket. The bundle pocket is very convenient to store shoes, clothes and small items, and it is easy to carry and Hanging is the best choice for storage. Storage bag: END professional custom packaging bag plastic bag/non-woven bag PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan the QR code to consult the quotation
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