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Brief analysis of the current status of the toy packaging and processing industry

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-18
The demand for toys will fluctuate with the economic progress of the society, and the demand will rise accordingly. During the prevailing production and development of the toy industry, the prevailing production of toys will inevitably drive the development of the toy processing industry. The production of toys and toy packaging and processing have previously been interrelated and have mutual influences. While the demand for toys is rising, it will also cause various safety concerns such as production safety and product quality and safety. Not long ago, news exposed that the quality of certain toys did not meet certain relevant conditions, and some toys had serious safety problems, and children’s life and health were threatened when they played, such as toys with springs and sharp accessories. Toys, fireworks, etc. Some manufacturers will cut corners and cut corners by sub-participating and other methods, producing inferior products as the main products, greatly reducing the price, resulting in a low-price competition in the toy production industry. Many manufacturers in order to retain a price advantage in the market. One after another fell into this wrong approach. The production of toys originally needed to be produced with certain plastics. In order to make more profits, some manufacturers used some low-cost and hazardous plastic materials for production, which laid serious safety for the growth of children in the future. The hidden dangers are mainly due to the inadequate supervision of our current social supervision department and the irrational thinking of some toy manufacturers. These many factors will directly affect the development of the toy packaging industry, and may directly affect the survival of the toy packaging industry. We in Dongguan: will never provide packaging services for bad manufacturers, and provide high-quality packaging services for the majority of production customers, and strive to become a leader in the packaging processing industry.
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