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Brief introduction to the process of aluminized bags and washed aluminum bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-20
There is a clear difference between the aluminum-washed bag and the aluminized bag. The aluminum-plated bag is generally the whole bag or the front (or back, called the yin-yang bag) of the entire bag is compounded with the aluminized film. The aluminum washing bag is different. As long as which part of the bag needs to have the glossy effect of aluminum and which part has the transparent visual effect, it can be designed and produced, instead of being limited to a certain position or a certain regular pattern. Next, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will talk about the characteristics of washable aluminum bags. The aluminum wash bag has the characteristics of clear pictures and texts, high precision, strong three-dimensional sense, rich layers, bright colors, smooth surface, high wear resistance and so on. From the perspective of commercial security, aluminum wash bags are also a form of packaging with strong anti-counterfeiting properties, which help to improve product quality and added value, and have stronger product market competitiveness. 1. Introduction of aluminum washing bag Aluminum washing bag is also called partial hollow aluminized bag. Aluminum washing is to remove or wash off the local aluminized layer on the film. The aluminum-coated film washing process is also called the aluminum removal process, and some are also called the partial hollowing-out process. packaging bag. At present, the material structure of aluminum washing bags is generally: PET + aluminized layer CPP, OPP + VMPET + CPP (PE), etc., which can be designed according to the different needs of customers. 2. Characteristics of aluminum bag washing process 1. Traditional alkaline aluminum washing method The traditional alkaline aluminum washing method is a process of de-aluminizing and cleaning the aluminized layer with an alkaline liquid using semi-automatic equipment. The main component of the alkaline liquid is sodium hydroxide solution, commonly known as caustic soda water, which chemically reacts the aluminized layer and washes off the aluminized layer of the corresponding aluminized film through the aluminum washing tank device. The traditional aluminum washing method is very convenient to wash off the aluminum film, but it will release hydrogen during operation. It is dangerous to operate in a ventilated place and not close to the flame. And because of this traditional local aluminum plating process, usually after printing and aluminum plating, a layer of protective agent is applied to the parts where the aluminum plating needs to be retained, and then washed with alkaline water. Because the protective agent cannot be overprinted, the yield is not high. At the same time, the alkaline water will corrode the edge of the aluminum layer, and it is difficult to retain the thin line or fine text completely. 2. Post-printing aluminizing method This method is to coat a layer of PET color printing film with a printed pattern on the pattern that needs to be aluminized, and then pass this layer of PET color printing aluminized film through hot melt glue and another The laminated film is composited and processed into a composite layer of color printing film aluminized packaging bag. Compared with the traditional aluminum washing process, it has the following advantages: the processing technology is simple, the processing procedure of aluminum washing is simplified, the two-layer film is omitted, and the production cost and product cost are reduced. Using hot-melt adhesive cold-rolling composite processing technology, the color-printed aluminized packaging bag is firm and durable, and will not break. 3. Washing aluminum method with water This process method can wash off the aluminum plating layer in the transparent area, which can improve the stability of aluminum washing and prevent pollution. The aluminum washing device comprises at least one water tank, a cleaning roller arranged in the water tank, and a guide roller arranged above the water tank to form an aluminum cleaning line. During cleaning, the packaging film continuously moves in the water tank, and the aluminum plating layer at the hydrophilic ink is washed away under the action of the clean water in the water tank and the cleaning roller. The cleaning method overcomes the shortcomings of the existing alkaline aluminum washing device, such as unstable chemical reaction, long time consumption, high energy consumption and environmental pollution. The use of clean water in the sink for cleaning can also make the aluminum washing effect excellent, the product quality is uniform and stable, and the pictures and texts are complete and clear. 4. Coating peeling and de-aluminizing method This is a manufacturing method of colored vacuum aluminized paper packaging material with high surface finish and strong resistance to organic solvents. The specific method is to apply an easy-to-peel coating on the polyester film, spray aluminum, and then paste the paper layer, then peel off the polyester film, and then apply a paint containing pigments to the easy-to-peel coating to obtain a product. The easy-to-peel coating is composed of nitrocellulose and acrylic resin. This method improves the easy-to-peel coating, improves the resistance to organic solvents, and can be colored in a large area on its surface. Because the surface is covered with a rough and easy peeling layer, it can show a mirror effect, and the aluminized paper can be printed again, and the color difference can be controlled during the coloring process.
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