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Briefly describe the inflation principle of pillow packaging machine

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-11
Briefly describe the inflation principle of the pillow packaging machine. Label: When buying a packaging machine and looking for a professional pillow packaging machine manufacturer, look to the customer who buys the packaging machine in Dongguan. They often ask 'Can the packaging machine pack all products?Can the product packaged by the machine be dated on the bag?How does the machine inflate the packaged product?' I have a further understanding. Now in the market, we often see that the packaged bread is bulging, and there is a gas in it. This packaging method is mainly to extend the storage time of bread. So, how does the pillow packaging machine package such products? First of all, there must be an air source to inflate. There are two options for the air source of the pillow packaging machine. The most commonly used one is through the installation of an 'air compressor'; the other is through the purchase of bottled gas. If there is an air source, an inflatable device must be installed on the pillow packaging machine. This part of the device is mainly composed of 'solenoid valve + cylinder' and 'linking air pipe'. The solenoid valve + air cylinder part is installed in the main control box of the packaging machine, and the air pipe is linked from the air cylinder to the knife seal of the pillow packaging machine. . When the knife seal seals the product for the last time, air will rush into the bag to fill the bag, and the knife seal will be closed and cut immediately to complete the inflation action. Through the external air source, the inflation device on the packaging machine is used to complete the inflation packaging of the product. This is the general process of the pillow packaging machine to complete the inflation. The article comes from a professional packaging machine manufacturer-Dongguan (, please indicate the source for reprinting.
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