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Bubble bag selection method, you deserve it

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-23
During the delivery process, it is inevitable that the outer packaging of the package will be kneaded and conflicted. Even if it doesn't affect the contents of the package, but receiving a package full of tape, I must not cheer up. All of these have seriously affected the user experience. How to provide the most intimate protection for the products of our parents, professional flexible packaging manufacturers think that it is very important to choose good packaging. The bubble bag has a high-end appearance and has a buffer protection inside. It has good moisture resistance, high drop resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance, and is favored by the majority of users. Bubble bags are so widely used, do you know what types of bubble bags are? How to choose a bubble bag suitable for your product? ​1. Kraft paper bubble bags Kraft paper bubble bags are further divided into white kraft paper bubble bags and yellow kraft paper bubble bags. It's made of kraft paper and has a cushioned bubble wrap inside. It has the advantages of light weight and environmental protection, the appearance can be written, and the sealing can be set with easy-tear tape. It is widely used in book delivery, company sample delivery, electronic product packaging, etc. The bubble bag packaging is beautiful and atmospheric, and the user experience is good 2. The outer layer of the pearl film bubble bag is a pearl film, and the inner layer is a buffer bubble film. It has the advantages of bright and beautiful appearance, good waterproof and anti-fouling functions, etc. It is widely used in the transportation and packaging of clothing, electronic products, craft glass products, gifts, jewelry, etc. 3. Co-extruded film bubble bag The outer layer of the co-extruded film bubble bag is a co-extruded film, and the inner layer is a buffer bubble film. The co-extruded film is made of two or more layers of co-extruded film, with high-grade appearance, high stiffness, excellent resistance and waterproof function, and good color performance. It is the first choice for clothing e-commerce. 4. Aluminized film bubble bag Aluminized film bubble bag, the outer layer is aluminized film with brilliant color, with buffer bubble film attached inside. In addition to the advantages of the above bubble bags, it also has optional appearance colors, bright colors, personalized, giving people a cool feeling, and is the favorite of appearance control. In addition to the above commonly used types of bubble bags, there are also pearl cotton bubble bags, coated kraft paper bags, no outer bubble bags, synthetic paper bubble bags, aluminum foil insulation bags, laser film bubble bags, etc. Customers can choose different types of bubble bags according to the characteristics of their products, and the packaging is committed to the production and research and development of all types of packaging bags.
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