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Calculate the price of food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-28
For friends who are new to the food packaging bag industry, it is also very difficult to calculate the price of food packaging bags. Many friends who have been in the food packaging bag for a long time do not know how to calculate the price of food packaging bags. What is the price of it, let's explain it to you. Generally speaking, the price is confirmed according to the material selected for the food packaging bag: for example, a three-layer composite food packaging bag: price = [the first material (length * width * thickness * unit price of the material) + the second material (length * Width * thickness * unit price of material) + third material (length * width * thickness * unit price of material) + ink consumption price + glue consumption price + labor cost + manufacturer's profit] Of course, the price of food packaging bags is also different from other aspects For example, the bag type of food packaging bag, the price of the bag will vary greatly. Our common bag types include eight-side sealing bag, middle-sealing organ bag, stand-up bag, three-side sealing bag, etc. Wait. The more complex the bag type, the more expensive the unit price will be, because the mechanical cost and labor cost will increase relatively. Third, the price of food packaging bags is also related to the size of the packaging bags, and the price will vary greatly depending on the size. The price of unconventional sizes is the most expensive. Fourth, the bags of food packaging bags are related to the minimum order quantity. For a food packaging bag production factory, the more the minimum order quantity of its products, the more favorable the price will be, while the relative quantity is too small, the startup cost is too high, So the price will also increase.
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