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Candy valet packaging foundry

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-18
Uxin Packaging is a professional company engaged in outsourcing of contracting customers, packaging processing, packaging equipment leasing, service, and sales. The company has been committed to saving costs, saving time, and reducing investment and delivery risks for customers as its business philosophy. , The automation equipment we have is widely used in toys, printing, hardware, food, chemicals, hotel supplies and other industries. Real effect shot: packaging form: back-seal packaging method valet packaging product objects: 1. plastic toy doll type OEM packaging 2. card sticker type packaging valet processing 3. hotel disposable product OEM packaging 4. hardware daily chemical Type packaging processing 5. Food packaging processing 6. Other solid regular packaging processing product packaging services: 1. Customers only need to provide inner packaging 2. Our own packaging machines and our own operators 3. Our company can Carry equipment and personnel to provide door-to-door packaging and processing services, or customers deliver to our company for packaging and processing 4. Can provide customers with packaging film or customers themselves 5. Complete the order quantity of packaging products within the specified time according to the quality requirements 6. According to the product Quantity charged for packaging and processing fees, workshop environment
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