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Characteristics of food packaging bags made of aluminized film

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-21
As a plastic film made of metal, PET aluminum has the properties of high barrier, oil resistance and square puncture that other plastic materials cannot have, and the food packaging bags produced are more high-grade. At present, the most widely used aluminized films are mainly polyester aluminized film (VMPET) and CPP aluminized film (VMCPP). Aluminized film has both the characteristics of plastic film and the characteristics of metal. The function of aluminum plating on the surface of the film is to block light and prevent ultraviolet radiation, which not only prolongs the shelf life of the contents, but also improves the brightness of the film. It replaces aluminum foil to a certain extent. , Aluminized film is widely used in composite packaging. Currently, it is mainly used in the packaging of dry and puffed food such as biscuits, as well as the outer packaging of some medicines and cosmetics. Aluminum-plastic composite food packaging bags are made by printing OPP or CPP plastic films and then compounding PET aluminum. , can visually see the products inside), five-side sealing bags, heterosexual bags, etc. The thickness of the packaging is also freely selected by the customer, generally between 7-15 filaments on one side.
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