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Circulation management method of packaging processing

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-26
1. The concept of packaging and processing Packaging is to protect commodities in circulation, facilitate transportation and storage, and promote further formation of transactions. The general term for containers, materials and subsidies is used according to certain technical methods. The relationship between packaging and logistics system elements. Logistics system elements. Packaging and logistics system elements. Transportation packaging should try to meet transportation needs and loading and unloading requirements. Choose appropriate packaging materials. Loading, unloading and handling. Packaging and processing should meet the board movement requirements as much as possible. Convenient handling is the processing standard for storage. The storage and packaging should meet the requirements of storage and storage. Of course, the more convenient the distribution and re-distribution of packaging materials that can be stacked as a standard, the better, and the delivery speed should meet the needs of users as much as possible. 2. The management of packaging and processing should be based on the specific situation of the company. , Use the most economical method to ensure the quality of product packaging. Reduce packaging costs and promote product sales. Product packaging is related to many departments inside and outside the company. There are many vertical and horizontal connections. Therefore, corporate packaging management is a comprehensive task. All employees of the company must raise their awareness of the importance of packaging management and strengthen the packaging management of the company. The quality of the packaging management of an enterprise has an important impact on the economic benefits of the enterprise. If the packaging management is done well, the packaging quality of the product can be guaranteed, the packaging cost of the product can be reduced, the sales of the product can be promoted, and the economic benefit of the enterprise can be improved. 3. Analyze the functions of circulation packaging processing management from the aspect of management functions. Circulation processing should emphasize planning functions, organizational functions and control functions. (1) Planning function   The planning function of circulation processing is very prominent, and the content of its plan involves processing work and technical and economic aspects. The main goal is to increase the yield rate and material utilization. This requires strengthening of scientific methods for planning and calculation of arbitrage, and at the same time, the quantity management of circulation processing should be carried out according to the needs of users. Only by strengthening planning can the circulation processing not only improve the utilization rate of equipment and the yield rate, but also ensure the user’s Under the premise, avoid or minimize the waste caused by arbitrage surplus. In the verification of measuring instruments, we strive to ensure the quality of circulation processing with excellent work quality and engineering quality. (2) Organizational function The organizational function of circulation packaging processing is to properly organize labor, equipment and materials, so that the circulation processing process can be well coordinated with warehousing operations, inventory control, and distribution operations without disorder. Because the needs of users in circulation processing vary greatly, the circulation processing process must be processed in strict accordance with the user's size, specifications, and quantities. Surplus materials caused by circulation processing are often difficult to sell, causing undue waste. Therefore, the difficulty in the organization of distribution processing is to meet the needs of users, and to operate synchronously on time, according to quantity, and according to specifications. Under normal circumstances, there should be no accumulation of semi-finished products. (3) Control function The control function in circulation packaging processing is prominently manifested in quality control, and the generalization of schedule control and cost control is also very important. The quality control standards on which the circulation processing is based are put forward by the users, and the requirements are different, the quality standards are quite different. The quality control level of the circulation processing, especially the service-type circulation processing, may even affect the existence of this service item Or not. In order to meet the quality requirements put forward by users, it is necessary to strengthen process control and measuring instruments in the process, and strive to ensure the quality of circulation processing with excellent work quality and engineering quality.
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