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Classification and use characteristics of liquid packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-23
The liquid packaging bag is easy to carry because of its strong barrier property, good fragrance retention effect, airtight, moisture impermeable, odor impermeable, and solvent impermeable, and will not be squeezed, impacted, or dropped during transportation and collection. Features such as crushing have been recognized and widely used. Especially after the development and application of medium-resistant adhesives and new packaging roll films, liquid flexible packaging bags have incomparable advantages. Due to the different contents of liquid flexible packaging in use, the required materials have different performances. Common requirements are: anti-oxidative transformation, good barrier properties, good mechanical strength, high burst resistance, and good heat sealing. Some have their special requirements, such as: oil resistance, anti-spicy oil, anti-chemicals, etc. 1. Data combination and printing method of several typical liquid flexible packaging PET//mPE (metallocene PE)b, non-transparent: PA//vmPET//mPE, PET//LDPE//vmPET//LDPE+PE, BOPA//AL//LDPE//LLDEC, high barrier transparent Class: PE//KPA//PE+PE, PE//KPET//mPE, PE//PET//EVOH co-extrusion + EVOH co-extrusion 2, different printing methods 1, one part of the surface-printed liquid flexible packaging bag is transparent Co-extruded composite bags are generally based on surface printing, such as local liquor, soy milk, fresh milk, soy sauce, vinegar, ice packs, etc. The packaging materials are three, five or seven layers of co-extruded PE film or co-extruded PE film with black and white, milky white, matte, barrier and other effects. Before printing, the corona treatment effect of the PE film should be carefully checked, generally it should be 40-41mN/m, so as not to affect the adhesion of the ink due to the failure of the corona treatment surface to meet the requirements. Printing liquid packaging film generally uses special ink for liquid packaging film surface printing. There are two ways for the ink to adhere to the film: physical separation and chemical separation. Physical separation is the separation of the ink and the film, mainly through the resin in the ink sticking to the film, without chemical changes. The chemical separation is that the ink undergoes a chemical reaction between many active groups of its own, that is, the unreacted chemical bonds and the polar groups of the treated film, forming a strong and stable chemical bond. Therefore, the printing ink for liquid flexible packaging bags must be chemically separated special inks, and the corona treatment value of the printing surface of the substrate should be 40-41mN/m to ensure the good adhesion of the ink. The surface printing ink used must be able to adapt to pasteurization or hydrogen peroxide treatment without falling off or discoloring ink, and it must be able to resist surface friction and scratches. 2. The lining and printing composite film is usually used for the packaging of milk, wine, cosmetics, pesticides, traditional Chinese medicine decoction and other products. The packaging must select the appropriate printing substrate, composite film, inner heat-sealing film and corresponding ink and adhesive according to the characteristics of the content and the filling method.
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