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Classification of compound food bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-29
Now people's lives are inseparable from composite food bags, and the market demand for food bags is also increasing. Today, the editor of the plastic bag factory will take you to understand the classification of composite food bags: 1. According to the composite form: Single-layer plastic bags and composite plastic bags. Single-layer plastic bags, mostly PE. Mainly plastic film, there are also heat-sealing grade BOPP. The characteristics of single-layer plastic packaging bags: 1) The price is cheap, 2) The surface printing process is used, 3) benzene-soluble ink is mostly used, and 4) because the ink is on the surface of the printing layer, it is easier to fade than the gravure printing composite plastic packaging bag. 5) It is mostly used in clothing packaging bags and ordinary food packaging. 6) It belongs to low-end packaging. Features of plastic packaging bags: 1) The price is more expensive than single-layer plastic packaging bags 2) Mirror gravure is used. 3) Due to the promotion of benzene-free and ketone-free inks in China, more and more manufacturers use benzene-free and ketone-free inks, but some manufacturers are still using benzene-soluble inks in order to reduce costs 4) Because they use gravure printing , The printing ink is located on the inner side of the printing layer, and then compounded, so that it will not cause color discoloration due to friction, oxidation and other problems, which is much longer than the surface printing of single-layer plastic packaging bags. 5) Composite plastic packaging bags have a wide range of applications, such as food industry, chemical industry, daily necessities, etc., which are used for their exquisite printing and functional enhancement, and are more and more widely used. 6) It belongs to high-end packaging.
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