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Classification of high temperature barrier packaging bag materials

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-09
High barrier is not only an ability, but also an adjective. The concepts and standards of high-barrier packaging in different periods are also different, and the concepts and standards of high-barrier packaging for different purposes are also different, even in terms of price and processing performance. There are also differences in the high barrier of the industry, and what is more, the industry has not unified the understanding of the comprehensive barrier performance indicators of high barrier. Some materials have excellent performance in blocking certain substances, some are comprehensive, but when specific to a certain index, there are many materials that are better than it, and some have good barrier performance in dry environments, but When encountering a humid environment, the barrier ability will drop sharply. Some have excellent barrier properties and are basically unaffected by the environment, but they may be easily broken, and there are also certain shortcomings due to the limitations of innate processing performance. The performance is good, but unfortunately it is opaque, and some have good blocking performance, but they have almost no effect on the blocking of ultraviolet rays. High-barrier packaging is a plastic packaging bag material with high barrier properties. The current industrialized or industrialized production prospects are mainly pvdc, evoh, pen, nitrile-based resin, polyamide and so on. At present, high barrier properties have become one of the important development directions of plastic packaging bag materials, especially in food and pharmaceutical packaging, more and more emphasis is placed on high barrier properties. PVDC High Barrier Packaging Material PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) is characterized by low permeability, barrier properties and chemical resistance. my country's PVDC was introduced and developed with the introduction and development of sausage sausage processing technology. In 2002, the domestic output of PVDC was about 20,000 tons. At present, it has been widely used in food, cigarette, beverage preservation and taste separation, as well as chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and military industries. moisture-proof packaging. my country's Zhejiang Juhua Company, Dalian Plastics Research Institute and other units have done a lot of work and made breakthroughs in its synthesis and processing research. The single-layer PVDC film is produced by biaxial stretching blow molding, which has shrinkage, barrier properties and water resistance, and does not decompose under the condition of microwave heating. It is widely used in household plastic wrap; PVDC and polyethylene (PE), polypropylene ( Multi-layer extrusion of synthetic resins such as PP) and polystyrene (HIPS) is used for the packaging of vacuum dairy products and jams. ) composite sheet is suitable for the packaging of easily moisture-absorbing and volatile medicines. At present, many domestic research institutes and manufacturers focus on the research of PVDC and other resin composite lamination film technology and high temperature resistance technology of composite film. Since PVDC is currently the only high-barrier transparent material certified by the US FDA to be in contact with food, coating PVDC latex on many plastic packaging materials has also become one of the commonly used methods in the international food packaging industry. PVDC is used in a variety of substrates such as PE, PP, PVC, polyamide (PA), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), etc. Taking biaxially oriented polypropylene film as an example, the oxygen permeability after coating Reduced by 1000 times, the water permeability is reduced by 3 times; the coating can be single-layer or multi-layer, and the general single-layer coating is 2.5μm can have a good barrier effect. EVOH high-barrier packaging material The barrier properties of EVOH depend on the ethylene content. Generally speaking, when the ethylene content increases, the gas barrier properties decrease, but it is difficult to process. The remarkable feature of EVOH is that it has excellent gas barrier properties and excellent processability. In addition, it has excellent transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, stretchability, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and surface strength. At present, the main foreign manufacturers are EVAL Company of the United States, Kuraray Company of Japan, Synthetic Chemical Industry Company, and SOLVAY Company of Belgium. In the field of packaging, EVOH is made into a composite film intermediate barrier, which is used in all rigid and flexible packaging; in the food industry, it is used in aseptic packaging, hot cans and retort bags, packaging dairy products, meat, juice cans and Condiments; in non-food, it is used to package solvents, chemicals, air-conditioning structural parts, gasoline barrel linings, electronic components, etc. In terms of food packaging, EVOH's plastic containers can completely replace glass and metal containers. Many domestic aquatic companies use PE/EVOH/PA/RVOH/PE five-layer co-extrusion film vacuum packaging for exporting seafood. While accelerating the research of EVOH composite film, the stretching orientation of EVOH is also being studied abroad. The gas barrier performance of the new EVOH film is 3 times that of the existing high-performance non-stretch EVOH film. In addition, EVOH can also be used as a barrier material to coat other synthetic resin packaging materials to enhance the barrier properties. PEN high-barrier packaging material PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) has a structure similar to PET, except that the benzene ring is replaced with a naphthalene ring, but it is superior to PET in almost every aspect: its barrier property is about 5 times that of PET , better heat resistance and chemical resistance.
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