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Clothing frosted CPE plastic bag customization case

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-10
Clothing frosted CPE plastic bag customization case Many clothing brands choose frosted CPE material to customize the brand's clothing packaging bag. This time, we will share the design cases of some clothing brands getting frosted CPE plastic bags. Frosted CPE plastic bags are usually made of double-sided CPE, and some are made of one side of PPE and one side of CPE. The following CPE plastic bags are made of double-sided CPE materials. CPE plastic bags are usually used for storage. clothing, such as T-shirts, socks, etc. In addition, the CPE garment bag has a better privacy protection effect due to the frosted texture when storing intimate clothing such as underwear. CPE Scrub Bag Case CPE Scrub Bag The case shared below is a customized scrub bag from a foreign fashion brand, with soft texture, bright colors and clear printing. CPE scrub bags can not only hold clothes, socks, underwear, but also scarves, swimsuits and other clothing. CPE Frosted Bags: Frosted CPE bags will inevitably produce unsightly creases in the PP material bags or PE material bags during the transportation and delivery of clothing, making customers feel that there is stock in stock when they buy clothes, which affects the Customer mood and brand appeal. But CPE zipper bags are not easy to produce creases, because CPE bags have soft characteristics, which is different from pp self-adhesive bags or pe zipper bags. CPE material solves this problem well, and it is not easy to produce creases after repeated use and transportation, so the packaging always maintains a brand-new state and gives consumers a satisfactory shopping experience. Frosted CPE bag: END professional custom packaging bag plastic bag/non-woven bag PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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