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Common problems and solutions of zipper bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-14
Among the many kinds of packaging bags, the zipper bag is a very popular and convenient packaging bag. However, although zipper bags are widely used in many industries in the market, it is not easy to obtain qualified zipper bags in the process of producing bags. In the whole process of zipper bag processing, there are still many problems, big and small. If you are not careful, there will often be uneven heat-sealing parts, delamination, dead folds, etc. The above are the problems many companies encounter in the process of customizing zipper bags. to the problem. Today, professional flexible packaging manufacturers have summarized the problems and reasons that are easy to occur when zipper bags are produced: 1. The part where the zipper and the bag body are sealed during bag making is not flat; 2. The zipper and the bag are not flat during bag making The sealing part of the bag body shows partial delamination; 3. The part where the two ends of the zipper intersect with the side seal of the bag during bag making“dead fold”4. The part where the two ends of the zipper intersect with the side seal of the bag shows partial delamination during bag making; professional flexible packaging manufacturers have found the above problems and the following items by comparing and querying various types of zipper bags with bad phenomena. Related: 1. The thermal shrinkage rate of the zipper itself is greater than the thermal shrinkage rate of the composite film; 2. The melting point of the zipper itself is greater than or equal to the melting point of the heat-sealing layer film; 3. The cross-section of the female and female buttons on the zipper is too large; 4. The zipper bag Some heat-sealing rods on the bag making machine are unreasonably designed, and the use of ultrasonic heat-sealing equipment is recommended; 5. Some heat-sealing indenters are unreasonably planned (too small); 6. The output power or pressure of the ultrasonic heat-sealing equipment is lacking; 7. The heat resistance of the ink layer is lacking. Therefore, in order to customize zipper bags with qualified standards, it is necessary for the packaging factory to pay attention to the above seven items when making bags. Only by strictly controlling the above items during the processing of zipper bags can high-quality zipper bags be produced.
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