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Common types and applications of packaging film in packaging processing

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-06
The types of packaging films commonly applied to packaging machines during packaging processing include the following categories: laminating film, OPP compound CPP aluminized film, single-layer heat-sealable OPP, OPP compound CPP matte film, OPP compound CPP film, no canvas, etc. . Laminating film is often used for paper product packaging, such as cardboard and stickers; OPP compound CPP aluminized film is often used for some relatively high-level, such as pills, granules, etc. that are prone to moisture or require tighter product packaging bags. High; single-layer heat-sealable packaging for ordinary products in OPP common terms, that is, there is no requirement for printing on the film, and it is often used for products that can visualize the shape or attributes of the product in the bag. Based on OPP compound CPP matt film and OPP compound CPP film are often used in plastic toys, because these two types of films are economical, cost-effective compared to others, and have a wide range of applications. Both membranes can be used. Moreover, this film has very good heat-sealability and is universally suitable for various packaging machines, so it has a wide range of uses. Canvas-free is used for some fresheners, mothballs, desiccants, etc., because canvas-free is breathable, can spread fresh smell and absorb moisture in the air, so canvas-free is often used in fresheners and desiccants.
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