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Composite packaging bag material classification

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-30
1. Classification of packaging bag composite technology: At present, the composite materials used for packaging bags are classified according to the processing methods. There are mainly the following types: ①Dry coating organic solvent adhesive composite packaging bag material ②Wet coating inorganic adhesive composite packaging bag Material ③Extruded film laminated composite packaging bag material ④Multi-layer co-extrusion composite packaging bag material ⑤Hot solvent coating composite packaging bag material ⑥Solvent-free composite packaging bag material ⑦Physical vapor deposition composite packaging bag material ⑧Chemical vapor deposition composite packaging Bag material ⑨Mixed composite packaging bag material ⑩Combination of composite packaging bag materials by the aforementioned method, etc. Second, according to the classification of packaging bag composite material, it is well known that the base material used for flexible packaging composite is mainly plastic film, followed by paper, metal aluminum and composite Material. They can be used to make the following types of composite packaging materials: ①Paper and paper ②Paper and metal foil ③Paper and plastic film ④Plastic film and plastic film ⑤Plastic film and metal foil ⑥Plastic film and metal film ⑦Plastic film and base material ⑧ Plastic film and inorganic compound film⑨Plastic film and organic compound film⑩Amorphous plastic film and plastic film? Substrate and nano ultrafine particle composite? Substrate coating or impregnation special additives? Composite material multilayer composite, etc. Classification of composite forms of packaging bags Generally speaking, composite materials of packaging bags are mostly carried out evenly on the entire surface. The composite forms of packaging materials mainly include the following types: ①Large area compound ②Partial compound, such as compounding strength or imparting certain functions only at the sealing part or strengthening part of the package ③Composite sheet or composite bag, which integrates special functions into one. Overall function ④ Gradual compounding, according to the need to change the concentration, composition or thickness of the added material in the thickness direction of the composite film. ⑤ Special compounding, such as network graphic compounding, etc. 4. Classification by packaging bag compound function For the packaging industry, As each industry sector has different requirements for product packaging, different systems have different classification methods, and there is currently no unified regulation and no terms for table conversion. According to the 'new packaging system' recently promoted by Europe and the United States, it can be divided into the following 10 categories: ①Reinforced composite packaging ②High barrier composite packaging bag ③Anti-corrosion composite packaging ④Anti-electromagnetic field interference composite packaging ⑤Antistatic composite packaging ⑥Bio-composite Packaging⑦Fresh-keeping composite packaging⑧Cooking composite packaging⑨Intelligent composite packaging⑩Ultra-micro nanocomposite packaging It is worth noting that plastic composite or plastic and paper composite or plastic, paper and aluminum foil composite packaging bag composite materials and the above-mentioned strength plastics Composite materials are somewhat different. The development trend of flexible packaging composite materials is to improve the composite technology and improve the performance and function of composite materials; the second is to select appropriate materials and the best technology to reduce the cost of composite materials; the third is to research and develop new varieties, such as structured materials, Functional materials, molecular composite materials, ecological composite materials, etc.
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