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Design aluminum foil bag bag type should be targeted

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-27
As an important member of the big family of packaging bags, aluminum foil bags are also welcomed by the market and are widely used in various industries such as clothing, cosmetics, food, hardware and electronics. For example, aluminum foil nozzle bags, self-supporting aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil zipper bags, and eight-side sealing aluminum foil bags are all aluminum foil bags designed according to different product packaging requirements, so that they can adapt to different packaging needs. Pindali Packaging, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, believes that when designing a new aluminum foil bag packaging shape, all aspects should generally be considered, and the corresponding structural design should be carried out according to the nature of the product and the packaging requirements of the enterprise, mainly from whether it is convenient for transportation and storage. Whether it is easy to display and sell, whether it is easy to use and other factors are considered. 1. Is it easy to transport and store? Aluminum foil bags are used as flexible packaging. The convenience of transportation and storage is one of the differences from traditional packaging. When planning foil bags, ensure that the product structure is strong to ensure that the product can be perfectly protected during stacking, handling and transportation. 2. Is it easy to display and sell? For packaging products, the most important point in marketing is product display. After the packaging structure is designed, aluminum foil bags can better highlight the characteristics of products, so that customers can identify products and accurately select the products they need. , and even through transparent packaging design to attract customers. 3. Whether it is easy to use aluminum foil bags Manufacturers should also consider whether the produced aluminum foil bags are convenient for customers to use. For example, by adding a zipper design, it is convenient for customers to reuse the aluminum foil bags many times; by adding a suction nozzle design, it can also be used. Allows customers to easily access the inner packaging without damaging the foil pouch. In addition to the above points, aluminum foil bags should also consider quality and appearance design, and strive to be beautiful and fashionable.
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