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Design characteristics of puffed food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-01
What are the design features of puffed food packaging bags? First of all, we need to understand what puffed food is and what are its characteristics. Puffed food mainly uses cereals, potatoes, beans, etc. with less water content as the main raw materials. After they are pressurized and heated, the volume of the raw materials themselves expands, and the internal organizational structure also changes. After processing, molding made later. Features of puffed food: 1. Low water content 2. Fried puffed food has high oil content, easy to oxidize and change 3. Puffed food has loose tissue, high brittleness, low mechanical strength, and occupies a large space 4. Seasoned puffed Food hygroscopicity increases. What properties do puffed food packaging bag materials need to have? 1. The packaging bag materials should be non-toxic and harmless materials, and refuse to use synthetic plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which may cause harmful materials to the human body. , Printing ink should choose environmentally friendly ink. 2. The packaging material should have good moisture resistance, which is to reduce the moisture permeability of the packaging. 3. Gas barrier property to protect the easily oxidizable components contained in puffed food. 4. Light blocking, light can oxidatively degrade the fatty acids, pigments, vitamins, etc. of the food, thus reducing the nutritional value of the food. 5. Tensile strength, elongation at break, impact strength, tear strength of the material. 6. Oil resistance to prevent oil oxidation and spillage. The above are the design features of puffed food packaging bags.
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