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Design elements of food packaging bags, let the packaging itself 'talk'

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-09
When printing packaging bags, in order to have a certain aesthetic sense, relevant colors and backgrounds will be designed as product promotions. Food packaging bags are also a way to display products. Only by mastering the elements of food packaging bag design can you make the best products.“Promotional packaging”! There are different flavors of different flavors. To indicate a variety of tastes on the packaging bag, and to correctly transmit the taste information to customers, the designer must reflect it according to the characteristics and design of the food. For example, red fruits give people a sweet taste. Therefore, red is mainly used for packaging to convey a sweet taste. In addition, red also gives people a fiery and festive association. Therefore, the use of red on food packaging bags has a festive and fiery meaning. And the yellow color is reminiscent of freshly baked pastries, giving off an enticing aroma. Therefore, when marking the aroma of food, yellow is often used. Orange-yellow is between red and yellow, and it conveys a taste like orange, sweet and slightly sour. When reflecting the taste and taste such as fresh, tender, crisp, sour, etc., it is generally reflected in the green series of colors. 1. An overview of color thinking generally includes various experiences accumulated from past life experiences. For example, looking at plums to quench thirst is because people see blue plums, and color thinking refers to the one-sided psychological reaction caused by the objective color world. People's feelings about the color of food packaging are actually a general reflection of a variety of information. And my experience tells me that this kind of plum is very sour, so people have a corresponding physiological reaction. 2. The warm and cold sense of color is easily reminiscent of the sun, flame, etc. Red, orange and yellow are warm colors. It produces a sense of warmth; while cyan and blue are cool colors, which are easily reminiscent of ice and snow, oceans, clear springs, etc., resulting in a sense of coolness. Others, general colors tend to be colder when participating in red, and tend to be warmer when participating in black. Cool colors are used for beverage packaging, and warm colors are used for liquor packaging. 3. Red is the lightest in the lightness of color; dark and dark colors with low lightness and warmer hues are heavy, and the lightness of color is mainly selected by the lightness of the color. Light colors with high lightness and cool hues feel lighter. Among them, black is the heaviest. Colors with the same brightness and high purity feel lighter, while cool colors appear lighter than warm colors. 4. The sense of distance of colors makes people feel prominent or closer, and the colors on the same plane. Some make people feel retiring and perhaps farther away. The sense of advance and retreat in this distance mainly depends on lightness and hue, generally warm colors are near, cool colors are far; bright colors are near, dark colors are far; solid colors are near, gray is far; Contrasting slender color distance. Conspicuous, clear warm colors are good for great themes; vague, dull cool colors can accentuate the subject. 5. The taste of color Color can cause the taste of food. As soon as people see the red candy packaging, it is on the food packaging. You will feel a strong sweetness; as soon as you see the light yellow color used on the cake, you will feel a milky fragrance. Generally speaking, red, yellow and red are sweet; green is sour; black is bitter; white and cyan are salty; yellow and beige are milky. Different flavors of food, choose the corresponding color packaging, can arouse customers' purchase expectations, and achieve better results. 6. The luxury and simplicity of the colors, such as red, orange, yellow, etc., have a strong sense of luxury, and are bright colors with high purity and brightness. The calm colors with lower purity and brightness, such as blue and green, appear simple and elegant. 7. The relationship between color, mind and age of food packaging bags The physiological structure also changes, and people change with age. The psychological impact of color can also vary. Most children like very prominent colors, and red and yellow are generally preferred by infants. Children aged 4-9 only love red, and children over 9 only love green. A query shows that boys' favorite colors are ranked green, red, yellow, white, and black, and girls' favorite colors are green, red, white, yellow, and black. Green and red are popular colors for boys and girls, and black is widely unpopular. This calculation result shows that teenagers prefer green and red because green and red are reminiscent of the vibrant nature and the vibrant red flowers and green trees in nature. The mental characteristics are consistent, and because of the rich life experience and cultural knowledge of adults, the love of color has more cultural elements in addition to the association of life. Therefore, the design of food packaging bags according to the color thinking of consumer groups at different ages can be targeted.
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