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Design points of special-shaped composite packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-19
The composite packaging bag is a flexible packaging material composed of two or more materials with different properties, forming a high-functional packaging bag that can give full play to the benefits of each component material. With the advancement of material processing technology, the current composite packaging bags are of various varieties and functions, and the appearance is not limited to a specific shape. Below, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will summarize the characteristics of composite packaging bags and the design focus and common forms of special-shaped bags based on years of experience in the production of composite packaging bags. 1. Compared with other types of packaging, the composite packaging bag has the following characteristics: light weight, transparency and softness; excellent air tightness and heat sealability; moisture-proof, gas-proof, UV-proof, heat-resistant and cold-resistant; There are also excellent standard stability, stable chemical properties, excellent chemical resistance and grease resistance; tear resistance, needle punch resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, resistance, anti-aging; mechanical processing suitability Excellent. The composite packaging bag also has the advantages of less waste, easy processing, small space occupation, low cost and high cost effectiveness (volume and weight of packaging per unit), which can meet the needs of most products.——Especially the packaging needs of clothing, apparel, hardware electronics, cosmetic products, and food. 2. Design points of special-shaped bags 1. Changes in inner capacity After changing the general composite packaging bag into a special-shaped bag, its capacity must be changed to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to redesign the standard of the packaging bag. 2. The edge of the packaging bag is changed because it is a flexible packaging bag, and the edge of the packaging bag should not be sharpened to avoid puncturing other packaging or hurting the user when stacking. 3. Influence of packaging method It is assumed that the special-shaped bag is sealed with automatic sealing equipment. In order to facilitate the smooth production, there are certain requirements for the opening direction and sealing orientation of the special-shaped bag, which is also a point to be considered. After comprehensive consideration of the above elements, combined with the exquisite graphic design, a successful special-shaped flexible packaging bag was born. 3. Application examples of special-shaped bags According to different forms, special-shaped bags can be mainly divided into the following types. 1. The function of adding a mouth to the special-shaped stand-up bag is to facilitate the dumping of the contents, and the product after adding the mouth can be re-sealed, which means that it can be unsealed and used many times. This special-shaped bag is suitable for liquid beverages, shower gels, shampoos, ketchup, edible oils and other liquids, or other liquid products that require multiple unpacking applications. 2. The function of zipper special-shaped stand-up bag and zipper is also to facilitate multiple unsealing and use. But the difference is that the way of repeated sealing is zipper, so this type of design is not suitable for packaging liquid, but for packaging some solid items, such as: clothing, clothing, hardware, electronics, dressing things, candy bars, dried fruit, chocolate , biscuits, jelly, tea, etc. 3. The characteristic of this packaging bag is that there is no additional mouth in the packaging design, but the manufacturing characteristics of the special-shaped bag are used to create a bag shape similar to the mouth, which is convenient to use. This design is suitable for liquid refills. Since it cannot be resealed once it is opened, the applicable products are basically the same as those for the spouted stand-up pouch.
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