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Details and processes that need to be paid attention to in the customization of food packaging bags, hurry up and collect

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-16
In daily life, whether it is a shopping mall or a home, beautifully designed and easy-to-use food packaging bags can be seen everywhere. In fact, the food packaging bag is like the personal clothing of the food. It not only protects the food, but also facilitates the storage, transportation and sale of the food. In most cases, the unique and beautiful appearance of food packaging bags is also a weapon that attracts consumers' attention. Presumably everyone wants to know how to customize exquisite food packaging bags? Professional flexible packaging manufacturers packaging believes that no matter how you want to customize food packaging bags, you must abide by a principle, that is, you must choose a good food packaging bag manufacturer, and a powerful and large-scale customized manufacturer can ensure The customized food packaging bags are more beautiful and of better quality. 1. Six issues that need to be paid attention to in the customization of food packaging bags: 1. The customized manufacturers must be qualified and regular enterprises; 2. The food packaging bags produced by the manufacturers must meet the food safety standards, and the food directly imported should be non-toxic and clean. packaging materials, cutlery, drinking utensils and containers. 3. The selection of food packaging bag materials should meet the following requirements: degradable or easy to recycle, in line with environmental protection requirements; in line with relevant food containers and packaging materials hygiene standards. 4. Food packaging bags shall be marked on the container and outer packaging of bulk food with the name of the food, production date or production batch number, shelf life, and the name, address, and contact information of the producer and operator. 5. Qualified food packaging must be printed when it leaves the factory for sale“QS”Logo, without this logo shall not enter the market for sale. 6. Food packaging bags must have sufficient thickness and strength, so as to ensure the function of food bags. 2. The customization of food packaging bags is divided into 9 steps: 1. After the specification, material, thickness and bag shape of the food packaging bags are determined in the design, according to these materials, let the designer of the enterprise or the professional design and production outsourcing team design the artwork, design Be sure to give reference suggestions and finalize the bag pattern. When designing, pay special attention to the text information on the packaging bag, such as: manufacturer's name, ingredients, product introduction, origin, net weight, specifications, food label number, QS certification, health license number, production date, storage conditions, shelf life , edible method, manufacturer's name, factory address, product barcode and contact number, etc., of which QS and barcode must not be less. 2. After the plate-making artwork is determined, professional technicians are required to color-separate the pattern and repair some unclear areas. At the same time, more than a dozen processes are required to complete the plate-making process, which will not be introduced here. If you need to understand For details, you can visit the packaging in person. 3. After the printing raw materials are prepared, use a high-speed printing machine to print the surface film. When printing, there is a plate roll for each color, and the engraving of the plate roll is intaglio engraving. 4. After the composite printing is completed, the surface film and the easily heat-sealed inner film are composited in a high-speed peritoneal machine with special glue. 5. After curing and compounding, it needs to be cured in a curing room above 45 degrees, so that the plastic packaging bag is not easy to delaminate. 6. After bag making and curing, the production of plastic packaging bags has come to an end. At this time, certain skills are required. The technicians must ensure that the edges of the color printing packaging bags are well sealed and air-tight. 7. The main items for quality inspection of plastic packaging bags are specifications and dimensions (length mm, width mm, thickness um), appearance, overprinting error, color difference, peel strength, heat sealing strength, etc. The length and width are detected by a ruler, and the thickness is detected by a thickness gauge. The inspection of chromatic aberration is mainly through checking with the standard sealing sample, and the color difference should be consistent at one arm distance. In terms of color, a 50x magnifying glass will be used to carefully check the color of the printed matter in the packaging. Generally, the color is combined by the dots one by one. If the color is wrong, the dots will appear irregularly distributed. Generally, the dots of packaging printing are regular, and the dots are circular. The inspection of the overprint error is mainly visual inspection to observe whether there is a phenomenon of printing ghosting. Peel strength and heat seal strength are mainly tested by AGS-5KNG electronic universal testing machine. The detection principle is the same as that of the computer tension meter. 8. In the warehouse, the plastic packaging bags that have passed the quality inspection are packaged and managed in a unified manner in the warehouse for later shipment. 9. After the delivery of the food packaging bags into the warehouse, Shunxingyuan Packaging will immediately contact the customer, deliver the goods to the door of the short distance, and carry out high-standard logistics and distribution for the far distance.
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