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Detection method of aluminum foil bags: 90% of manufacturers will not tell you

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-22
Aluminum foil packaging bag is a bag composed of various films, which has the advantages of shading, oxygen insulation, puncture resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. It is widely used in food, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries. When people receive aluminum foil bags, they need to inspect the goods to check whether the bags are firm and whether the printing is clear, etc., to ensure the quality of the aluminum foil bags. So how should aluminum foil bags be tested? First, the appearance of the aluminum foil bag. First, check the transparency of the packaging bag, check whether there are impurities, smell whether there is peculiar smell; secondly, check the flatness of the packaging bag, generally the higher the flatness, the better, and observe whether there are wrinkles at the heat seal. Second, the sturdiness of the foil bag. The hardness of aluminum foil bags can be divided into two types: hardness and hot air hardness. The firmness of the foil bags varies depending on the sampling. The key difference is pointing to the edge of the bag. After the foil bag is torn off, the appearance and structure of the section should be considered. If the heat seal of the packaging bag is torn evenly in the middle, it indicates that the heat sealing performance of the packaging bag is poor and it is easy to break during processing. If it is torn off with the wrapping paper, it means the heat seal is of good quality. Third, the composite firmness of the aluminum foil bag. The main method of distinction is to align with the edge of the vacuum aluminum foil bag and tear it by hand. The bag made of nylon and high-pressure film is generally difficult to tear by hand, and can be used to hold heavier products such as stones, large particles, etc., while the bag made of OPP heat-sealing film is easy to tear and can only hold Some light products; after the bag is torn open, it depends on the shape and structure of the cross-section. If it is torn evenly from the middle of the heat-sealing part of the vacuum aluminum foil bag, it means that the heat-sealing of the bag is poor, and the bag is easy to break during the production process; The sealing edge is torn apart, indicating that the heat sealing quality is good. It also depends on the composite firmness of the bag. First, look at how many layers of structure there are at the crack, and then see if it can be separated by hand. If it is not easy to separate, it means that the composite firmness is good, otherwise it is poor; in addition, check the bag. The firmness level also depends on whether there are air bubbles or wrinkles on the surface of the vacuum aluminum foil bag. Fourth, the printing quality of aluminum foil bags. Check whether the printing pattern is clear, whether there is wire drawing, missing printing, fogging, etc.
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