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Development trend of plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry Industry trends-

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-28
The development trend of the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry Overview of the history of the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry indicates its future development trend, the key is reflected in the following aspects: 1. The proportion of plastic packaging bags in traditional packaging materials will continue to increase, along with innovative technology With the continuous improvement of the level and the intensification of the main contradiction between the development and comprehensive utilization of new energy, plastics as a“rising star”, which promoted the comic changes in the proportion of the four major packaging substrates, rose to the first place in the late 1980s, and has maintained its stable growth momentum so far: the global annual packaging plastics have exceeded 30 million tons, with an average annual growth rate For 1.8%, the largest proportion is plastic flexible packaging. In China, since 1990, the average annual growth rate of plastic packaging materials has reached 9.8%. In addition, corresponding to a quarter of the world's population, my country's very low per capita consumption of plastic packaging materials is currently 0.52kg/person·Years, and developed countries up to 120kg / person·In 2018, this just indicates a huge potential market for the future development of my country's plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry. two,“Multi-function, specialization, thinning”The requirement will be the driving force for the continuous improvement of the application of plastic flexible packaging technology. With the improvement of people's living standards, the acceleration of the rhythm of life and the renewal of consumption patterns, the clear requirements for packaging materials will inevitably become higher and higher, which will inevitably lead to plastic flexible packaging. The manufacturing industry is increasingly favoring the development of various types of high-functionality, high-performance and specialized packaging films and composite films in the future development of technology applications. Such as: improving the protection functions of perishable food and dairy products; high-barrier packaging materials that prolong the shelf life of various types of contents; fresh-keeping packaging materials suitable for storage in controlled atmosphere environments such as fruits and vegetables; suitable for the production of agricultural and sideline products, etc. Permeable packaging material for processing; suitable for“Three furnaces”High temperature and radiation resistant materials for heating and sterilization; aseptic packaging materials for automatic canning lines; edible, soluble and self-decomposable materials that meet environmental protection requirements; suitable for various food, grain storage and transportation, Anti-mildew, anti-insect, anti-bacterial materials and functional materials that meet the needs of various other special purposes, such as lithium battery packaging, 1T packaging, etc. At the same time, the international community has recently advocated the so-called so-called“Simplified packaging”,“save packaging”This move clearly raises the issue of thinning and reduction of packaging materials, so multi-functional plastic packaging materials will bear the brunt of the protagonist.——its passed“Thinning”achieve“Lightweight”, with its“soft”and can“upright”The form replaces the original rigid container, thereby reducing the volume of the empty bag and facilitating destruction and recycling. In addition, it is achieved by improving the structural design of packaging products, reducing the volume or reusing packaging, focusing on materials, and improving additional functions to extend the service life of plastic flexible packaging, etc.“Simplified packaging”,“save packaging”purpose. 1 Save the earth's resources and protect the earth's environment“Save the earth's resources and protect the earth's environment”It will be one of the key focus points for the future development of the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry in the future.“White pollution”When you get rid of the confusion, it does not mean that the development of plastic flexible packaging can be reckless in the future, but it must start from the non-decomposable characteristics of most plastics in the past. Research on subsequent degradation (white destruction) of plastics“negligence”Sober up, research countermeasures quickly, formulate corresponding regulations, and take corresponding measures: such as actively researching and developing new materials with low pollution, self-degradation, high performance and can give full play to the renewable performance and meet the application requirements; develop technologically advanced and economically reasonable materials Recycling technology application and equipment, coupled with nationwide sorting, separation and recycling of plastic packaging waste, so as to implement recycling, renewable utilization, decomposition into chemicals, and incineration to recover energy as much as possible Use, etc., which both save resources and protect the environment“Benefit future generations, merit will last forever”This is another important future development trend of the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry, namely“green packaging”complete concept. Food packaging bags: 2 New technologies in the plastic packaging industry, while enhancing the technical content of the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry, focus on incorporating the production, research and development and management of plastic packaging materials into the international quality assurance system and the environmental series of refined management.“modern business model”the track.
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