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Diversified types of automatic toothbrush packaging machines to meet market demand

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-28
1. Single-head push-tray automatic toothbrush packaging machine: the working table panel extension table pushes the left and right sides of the table, and the operator pushes the working table panel sliding table in place, the head will automatically drop for heat welding, and the welding process is automatically controlled by time, left and right The two sides of the skateboard are used alternately. 2. Single-head turntable type automatic toothbrush packaging machine: The workbench panel is divided into the front and back sides of the turntable. The user rotates the turntable 180 degrees and the left and right turntables are used alternately. The heat sealing and welding process is all controlled by time. 3. Single-head sliding table gantry type automatic toothbrush packaging machine: The worktable panel is designed as a standard 900*1700 worktable sliding table, which is divided into the left and right sides of the machine head. The operation method is to manually push the working sliding table into place by the operator , Inching the lowering switch, the work panel of the machine will be automatically lowered. The welding process is controlled by time. The sliding tables of the two worktables are used alternately. The high-frequency machine is set with four time systems (falling delay---high-cycle welding- ---Cooling and shaping-----rising time) 4. Double-headed foot-operated automatic toothbrush packaging machine: The operating table panel is on both sides of the machine head, and the operation mode is mainly by the operator's right foot pedal positioning and left Foot switch, the welding process is automatically controlled by time, and the left and right machine heads are used alternately. 5. The four-column design of the four-column gantry-type automatic toothbrush packaging machine is stable and strong. The pushing position of the pulleys on both sides is accurate and flexible. It is suitable for large area high frequency heat sealing, welding and embossing. 6. Fully automatic high frequency machine Fully automatic toothbrush packaging machine: adopts PLC programming, microcomputer touch screen control system, precise control of actions and convenient. It can automatically complete the processes of feeding, dissolving, receiving, cutting, etc., saving manpower and improving efficiency.
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