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Do not use too thin plastic bags for toy packaging products

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-26
Toys packed in plastic bags, if thin plastic packaging bags are used, and the area is large enough, they will easily be adsorbed on children's faces and cause a choking hazard.   There are strict regulations on toy packaging films used in toys at home and abroad. The relevant regulations of the European Union require that the average thickness of plastic film used for inner and outer packaging and bags made of soft plastic should be no less than 0.038 mm; the relevant regulations of the United States require that the average thickness of plastic film bags and plastic films must be 0.03810 Mm or more, and the actual thickness of each measurement cannot be less than 0.03175 mm. If the average thickness of the film is less than 0.03810 mm, it is required to have no less than 1% holes in the range of 30 mm X 30 mm. After analysis, the main reason for the insufficient thickness of toy packaging film is that toy manufacturers often do not have play functions and do not belong to the main part of the toy because the packaging film is not part of the main part of the toy, ignores its quality, or only expresses relevant warnings without performing safety testing. , When selecting packaging material manufacturers, there is no strict control, and the raw and auxiliary materials of packaging film are not checked and accepted according to the standards of the importing country; on the other hand, the toy manufacturer has not thoroughly understood and updated the importing country’s toy standard requirements for packaging film in a timely manner. If the accuracy of the inspection instrument specified in the company's feeding operation instruction and the use of the detection instrument is 0.01 mm, and the standard requirement of 0.001 mm is not met, the limit required by the standard cannot be checked, and the feeding inspection is useless. Therefore, the inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant toy manufacturers: First, they should pay close attention to the requirements of mandatory quality and safety standards, increase risk awareness, strictly follow the standards for inspection and production, and eliminate potential safety hazards; second, they should strengthen their sense of responsibility, select qualified suppliers, and strengthen Acceptance of original and auxiliary packaging toy materials.
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