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Do vacuum food packaging bags need to be sterilized before use?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-04
Do vacuum food packaging bags need to be sterilized and sterilized before use? Vacuum bags are generally divided into two types: 1. Non-high barrier type 2. High barrier type. The material structure is a composite membrane, and there is also a nylon membrane. The equipment required for sterilization of cooked food in vacuum packaging bags adopts microwave sterilization. It is a typical vacuum packaged food sterilization equipment. Because the temperature can be increased during sterilization, the sterilization speed is very fast and the sterilization effect is better. Vacuum packaging and sterilization can realize the insurance of agricultural and sideline products, prolong the shelf life of agricultural and sideline products, and greatly help the sales of products. The high temperature sterilization pot is sterilized, and the sterilization temperature is mostly about 121 degrees. In addition, there is no air in the packaging bag after vacuuming. In a vacuum environment, bacteria cannot grow, so it is not necessary to sterilize after packaging, and only need to be sterilized before packaging. In short, how to sterilize vacuum food packaging bags before use depends on what products are packaged. If it is cooked food, it needs to be sterilized at high temperature with a high-temperature sterilization pot. If it is some pickles that are relatively brittle, you can use the pasteurization method to sterilize at low temperature.
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