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Do you know about biodegradable packaging materials?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-18
Biodegradable plastics can be divided into completely biodegradable plastics and destructive biodegradable plastics. Starch-based fully biodegradable plastic; starch-based fully biodegradable plastic. Biodegradable plastics based on natural substances such as starch currently mainly include the following products: polylactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), starch plastics, bioengineering plastics, bio-universal plastics (polyolefin and polychlorinated ethylene). Application of starch-based fully biodegradable plastics Biodegradable plastics: Biodegradable plastics are mainly used as food soft and hard packaging materials due to their good degradability, which is also their largest application field at this stage. The main target markets for biodegradable plastics are plastic packaging films, agricultural films, single-use plastic bags and single-use plastic tableware. Compared with traditional plastic packaging materials, the cost of new degradable materials is slightly higher. However, with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, people are willing to use new degradable materials with a slightly higher price to protect the environment. The enhancement of environmental protection awareness has brought huge development opportunities to the biodegradable new material industry. With the development of China's economy, the successful hosting of many large-scale events such as the Olympic Games and the World Expo that shocked the world, the need for the protection of various world cultural heritages and national scenic spots, the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastics has been paid more and more attention. Governments at all levels have The control of white pollution is listed as one of the key tasks. Developed countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, and Japan have successively formulated and promulgated relevant laws and regulations to restrict the use of non-degradable plastics through measures such as partial bans, restrictions, compulsory collection, and collection of pollution taxes, and vigorously develop new biodegradable materials to protect the environment. , to protect the soil, in which France introduced a policy in 2005 that all disposable plastic bags must be biodegradable after 2010. At the same time, China has successively introduced a number of policies to encourage the application and promotion of biodegradable plastics. In 2004, the National People's Congress passed the 'Renewable Energy Law (Draft)' and 'Solid Waste Law (Revised)' to encourage the utilization of renewable biomass energy and the promotion and application of degradable plastics; The use and promotion of biodegradable plastics; In 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission launched a special fund project on promoting the development of biomass biodegradable materials; the 'Definition, Classification, Labeling and Degradation Performance Requirements of Degradable Plastics' implemented on January 1, 2007 was obtained. The mutual recognition of countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan has provided convenience for Chinese enterprises to export products. In March, our company's foreign trade team promoted the concept of environmentally friendly packaging and promoted biodegradable packaging bags at the South African Packaging Exhibition, which was recognized by friends from all over the world.
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