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Do you know bronzing printing process?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-11-07
1. Definition of bronzing process: Hot bronzing process: a process in which metal foil is transferred to the surface of printed matter or other items by hot pressing to increase the decorative effect. Cold bronzing process: It is a process of transferring metal foil to the surface of printed matter or other items without heating, only through the force of pressure and bonding and peeling, and has a decorative effect. Second, the purpose of hot stamping: to make the printing surface have metal texture patterns of various colors at the same time, and it can also combine different hot stamping effects. In addition to the surface decoration function, bronzing also has an important function of anti-counterfeiting. 3. Advantages and disadvantages of hot stamping process: 1. Advantages: (1) Hot stamping products on the whole surface, no ink residue; (2) No unpleasant smell such as ink, no air pollution; (3) The color pattern is hot stamped at one time, reducing Small loss; (4) The process is simple, the production management and process actions are smooth, and the product quality insurance factor is large; (5) The processing range is wide, suitable for paper, wood, plastic, leather, etc. 2. Disadvantages: (1) Not suitable for hot stamping substrates with uneven surface, pockmarked or matte surface; (2) Metal, glass, ceramics, nylon and other products are generally not suitable for hot stamping, unless they are painted first or pass through Screen printing; (3) Matching of pattern color and workpiece background color: during hot stamping, anodized aluminum (gold, silver, copper, inner red, inner blue) has a strong covering power, even if the workpiece background color is black Complete coverage; however, when using lighter color transfer paper such as white and yellow for hot stamping on a black background, the coverage effect is not as good as pad printing and screen printing. Four, hot stamping process classification: 1. The hot stamping process is divided into cold hot stamping and hot stamping. 2. Hot stamping is divided into: ordinary flat hot stamping, three-dimensional hot stamping (commonly known as embossing and embossing hot stamping), and holographic positioning hot stamping. Packaging bags We specialize in custom-made kraft paper bags with various bronzing processes. We are better at using packaging to improve product quality and win brand value with design.
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