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Do you know how to identify the bag type of the vacuum bag?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-17
Introduce several bag types of vacuum packaging bags and how to detect the appearance. The main characteristics of vacuum packaging bags are vacuum packaging, good sealing effect, not easy to break the bag and leak air. The principle of atmospheric pressure is used for air extraction and deoxygenation, which plays a good role in preventing It has the functions of preventing pollution, moisture, prolonging the shelf life and keeping fresh, making it a leader in packaging bags. So what types of bags are there in vacuum packaging? 1. Three-side sealing bag type: The three-side sealing vacuum packaging bag type is common in daily life. For example, the meat food vacuum packaging bag produced by our company is a three-side sealing vacuum packaging bag. However, some have zippers, which can also be called self-sealing zipper vacuum bags after adding zippers. 2. Self-supporting zipper bag type: This packaging bag features a tray at the bottom and a bone sticker at the head, which is reusable and convenient for storage, and the tray can support the entire packaging bag to facilitate standing, standing on the container, such packaging The bag line is beautiful. 3. Middle-sealed organ bag type: There is no edge sealing on both sides of this bag type, so it ensures that the pattern on the front of the package is complete, and it is more three-dimensional and beautiful. Four, special-shaped bag type: special-shaped vacuum packaging bag refers to the unconventional aluminum foil bag, the shape can be customized according to customer requirements. The visual inspection of the appearance includes the inspection of the flatness and transparency of the food composite bag. It is mainly used to detect whether the composite bag has obvious scratches and pinholes, and whether there is pollution at the seal. The visual inspection methods are as follows: ①“bag surface brushed”inspection. Place the food composite bag in the center of the hand, align it with a 40w fluorescent lamp and shake it gently. Through the reflected light on the surface of the composite bag, you can clearly find out whether there are scratches or marks on the surface of the composite bag, which is often called in the industry.“bag surface brushed”. The wire drawing phenomenon is mostly caused by the unclean guide roller of the bag making machine, so it is necessary to ensure that the guide roller is clean. In addition, the non-rotation of the guide roller will also cause the drawing failure of the composite bag. ② Inspection of the flatness of the composite bag. Put the composite bag on a flat table. If the surface of the composite bag is curved, warped outward or inward, it means that the flatness of the composite bag is poor. Otherwise, it means that the flatness is good, and the reasons for the poor flatness are generally as follows. A few points: the bag making temperature is too high to destroy the stress stiffness of the inner layer of the composite bag; the structural composition is unreasonable; the thickness of the material itself is uneven. ③ Transparency inspection. Because some products have no pattern in a large area, transparency is particularly important. The inspection method for transparency is: take a finished bag and observe it through an indoor indirect light source.“pitted”,“ring”,“foggy”and other phenomena, it means that the transparency is poor, otherwise it means that the transparency is good.
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