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Do you know the hard common sense about composite packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-16
Good packaging can explode the entire marketing field, and it will also make a little-known brand become a well-known dark horse in a while, and can firmly capture the hearts of users. Maybe you think that packaging is the most common and common type of items in daily life, but it is undeniable that almost everything is inseparable from packaging! Packaging materials determine the function of packaging. The development from traditional materials to today's new materials is to better play the role of packaging. Today, the position of the composite packaging bag in the packaging field is irreplaceable. This packaging is a packaging material formed by laminating and laminating various substrates with different properties such as plastic films, aluminum foils, and paper. Once used, it will actively replace the orientation of traditional packaging, and it is more and more widely used. What are the characteristics of the packaging bags you use every day? Is it safe or not? What kind of packaging should you choose for your own products? Today, Shunxingyuan Packaging, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, will interpret the characteristics, substrates and applications of common composite packaging bags. 1. Features of composite packaging bags The so-called composite packaging bag is a flexible packaging material composed of two or more materials with different properties, and then a new high-performance packaging that can give full play to the benefits of each component material. It can give full play to the benefits of each layer of film and defeat their defects. After compounding, a more interesting packaging material can be obtained, which can meet the requirements of various products. With the development of material processing technology, the current composite packaging bags have various types and different functions. Compared with other packaging materials, their main features are as follows: 1. Light weight, transparent and soft; 2. Excellent air tightness and heat sealing 3. Excellent moisture-proof, gas-proof, UV-proof, heat-resistant and cold-resistant properties; 4. Excellent standard stability, stable chemical properties, excellent chemical resistance and grease resistance; 5. Yes Tear resistance, needle punch resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, conflict resistance and aging resistance; 6. Excellent mechanical processing suitability; 7. Exquisite printing, good visual experience. The composite packaging bag has the advantages of light weight, softness, less waste, easy processing, small footprint, low cost and cost effectiveness (volume and weight per unit package), which can meet the needs of most products.——Especially the demand for clothing, hardware and food packaging. 2. Selection of composite packaging bag substrate The composite substrate is the primary factor for selecting the properties of the composite film. The selection of the composite substrate depends on the requirements of the packaging, the use of the composite material and the properties of the single-layer film. In addition, the cost of the material must be considered. Scientific, accurate and reasonable selection must be made to meet the needs of different packaging contents. need. The properties of the composite plastic are the primary factors for selecting the properties of the composite film. The selection of the composite film base material mainly depends on the following primary factors: 1. The properties of the composite film; 2. The properties of the contents; 3. The properties of the single-layer film 4. Appropriate price for product packaging, etc. According to the above factors, the appropriate lamination method and number of adhesive layers of composite packaging materials are selected. 3. The use of composite packaging bags Composite packaging bags are mainly used for the packaging of clothing, hardware, food, medicine, cosmetics, beverages and other products. In recent years, the global demand for composite packaging bags has maintained a rapid opening trend. . There are many kinds of substrates that can be used for composite packaging bags. Commonly used substrates are: high density, medium density, low density polyethylene film (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE), stretched and unstretched polypropylene film (BOPP, CPP) ), polyester film (PET), polyvinyl chloride film (PVC), polyvinylidene chloride film (PVDC), nylon film (NY), etc. Common types of composite packaging bags are: paper/plastic composite, plastic/plastic composite, aluminum/plastic composite, etc. The number of composite substrate layers can be two layers, three layers, four layers, five layers or even more. According to the type and thickness of the composite plastic film substrate, the number and order of the combined layers, and the method of compounding, many kinds of composite packaging bags can be formed. Today, personalized packaging is also the direction that many jobs need to change urgently, which will help companies understand the consumer needs of consumers in the general environment, find the scene they want to see, and combine them with their own. Brand tonality, conceived packaging. The various characteristics of composite packaging bags can deeply meet the needs of enterprises. Good packaging not only has the function of protecting the product, but also greatly assists in the aspects of volume, shape, visual composition, illustration and application, and then promotes the value of the product and builds the reputation of the brand. Undoubtedly, in order to do a good job in product packaging, choosing a composite packaging bag with remarkable characteristics is equivalent to having a set of sophisticated marketing tools.
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